Green Building: The Future of Eco-Friendly Cities

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With the growing number of people living in cities around the world, there has been an increasing effort to make these heavily populated areas more environmentally friendly. This comes in the form of eco-friendly buildings, which are changing the very nature of how cities are being developed. Called green buildings, the concept is a holistic approach that crowded cities are using in order to mitigate the negative effects that are so common with massive construction projects and more condensed living.

By the year 2050, nearly 70 percent of the world population will live in dense cities. While these cities cover less than 2 percent of the world’s land area, they contribute to over 70 percent of the greenhouse-gas emissions. An astounding 30 percent of these emissions are generated from buildings alone. However, with green building, this figure can be reduced by 34 building

Green buildings are characterized as having a strict set of standards designed to conserve energy and water, improve indoor environments, and increase air quality. This is accomplished through several defining factors. Rooftops can be fitted with solar panels to generate clean energy, along with gardens that can help storm runoff and reduce heat. Materials used in green building are completely sourced from recycled substances that are made to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions. Green building also utilizes more efficient plumbing that can help conserve water, which is key in western cities that struggle with drought.

The health benefits of green building are drastic considering the amount of time people living in cities spend inside. With fewer pollutants in the air, green buildings play a major role in reducing illnesses caused by poor air quality. 

Along with the health benefits that are afforded with green building, they also play a part in improving the social well-being of a cities inhabitants by increasing levels of comfort. Living in a city can be tough due to higher costs and crowded living, and green buildings can drastically reduce the anxieties that come along with that.

San Diego is home to numerous green building projects that are contributing to a more environmentally-friendly future in. Just last year, the San Diego Green Building Council unveiled 10 new homes that are compliant with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). These homes are complete with high-performance designs that are making a major impact in improving water conservation, air quality, landscaping, and building sustainable cities.

In Chula Vista, the Lofts on Landis provide a 33-unit LEED’s certified building that features modern living and a eco-friendly impact. The Guild on 30th is another green building that includes 15-units for eco-friendly living. Both are equipped with energy-efficient features, constructed by recycled materials, and are built with water conservation in mind.

These are just a few examples of some of the amazing green buildings that are popping up around our cities, but the future will definitely hold more for eco-friendly buildings paving the way for a cleaner and safer environment.

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