Golf Tip #3 With Adam Porzak: Putting vs. Full Swing Grip

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SD Entertainer has had the pleasure of working with Adam Porzak of Porzak Golf Academy.  So far, he has shared his advice on learning to play underneath you and wedge distance control. Today, Porzak has one last tip to share.  If you are interesting in learning more from Porzak, make sure to visit Porzak Academy’s website.  The website includes a blog that is full of different tips to help golfers of all levels.  

Porzak’s third tip is to have a specific grip technique for putting and a different grip technique for full swing.  He calls the full swing grip a “leverage grip” and the putting grip a “non-leverage grip.”  In the full swing, Porzak advises you to grip more through your fingers to create an angle between your arms and the golf club.  This technique will help you have control over your golf club while still having the ability to apply the speed necessary to hit the ball.  

In the “non-leverage grip,” used for putting, Porzak suggests to grip more through the palm of the hand.  This will create a constant line between your forearms and the putter.  The goal of this technique is to take all of the angle out of the swing to ensure a stable, straight shot.  “It keeps the putter nice and low to the ground and helps me strike the equator of the ball which gets the ball rolling end over end,” Porzak shares. 

Please make sure to watch the video below see Adam Porzak explain this grip technique and share his wisdom.  If you are interesting in working on your golf strategy and need help from an expert, make sure to check out Porzak Academy’s website and schedule a lesson!

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