From So Cal to Vegas – Tips on conquering Sin City

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photo courtesy of  Daquella manera via flickrIf you live in Southern California a spur of the moment trip to Las Vegas is completely achievable. Sometimes you need to escape the relaxing California golden sun to find adventure and create lasting, hopefully not regrettable memories, in the city of sin.

Here in California party goers get the night started early, not because we want to, but because we have to. For those of you not familiar with the law here in California bars and clubs stop selling alcohol at 1:30 a.m. and everyone gets kicked out by 2 a.m. That small window of partying opportunity is so limited that we try to maximize the little time that we have, thus we party hard – fast.

Well folks, if you want to maximize your time in Las Vegas and make sure your liver and feet will last all night, maybe even morning, you’ll need a little guidance.

Location is key

While you may save a couple of bucks staying off the strip, you’re probably going to end up spending that money on cabs (you definitely do not want to be driving around). Also, taking 10-15 minutes to drive back to your hotel at the end of the night can feel like forever especially when the world starts painfully spinning, so shell out the extra dollars, your feet and wallet will thank you later.

Armoring your feet

Women, it is critical that you follow this advice: do not wear never worn before brand new heels. You don’t want to be that girl that takes off her shoes and walks around the club barefoot (we’ve all witnessed this madness). Also, make sure to have packed ball of foot cushions, heel cushion, and band aids. Men, bring insoles.

A pool party is different from a beach party.

Women, leave the flip flops at home and wear your heels to the pool, wedges are great for a pool party. It’s almost like going to the club only you’re in a bikini. Men, if you’re wearing a hat expect to have it taken off. Not from the security guard but from some girl who now wants to take a picture with your hat. It happens all the time. Most people don’t even get in the water, but if you do let’s hope you have a great immune system that can fight off whatever is lurking in the murky water. Now let’s address drinking at the pool. Remember to stay hydrated at a pool party, you are in the heat dehydrating yourself not just with alcohol, but with the Nevada sun. You don’t want to have to spend the night in the hotel room because of a splitting headache.

Going clubbing

While a mix of genders is always fun, sticking to your own sex has its advantages especially if you’re a group of girls. If not, no biggie. If you’re trying to get ahead of the line and you have both females and males in your group most clubs will stick to this ratio for every one guy there should be two girls. If the male to female ration is off expect to wait in line or get yourself a table.   Stick together. A buddy system is laughable, but extremely important. If your friend has had too much to drink and decides to take a trip to the bathroom you can expect to have your friend to get kicked out right after the restroom. Don’t waste your time worrying what happened or where he/she went, if you were there you would know she’s outside the club puking with a security guard by his/her side.

Best Advice

Pace yourself. You know your body best and you have all day and night to party.

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