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If you are looking for a quiet and calming place to escape the city life for an afternoon, the City Farmers Nursery is the perfect get away. This family owned nursery is located in the midst of San Diego. The owner, Bill Tall, who prefers to be called “Farmer Bill” says that, “One of the ways to explain us, is our slogan, A Little Bit of the Country in the Heart of the City, and most people come here that want to relax and enjoy the animals, and it is nice place to visit and enjoy. I like it being more of a destination for people.”

The City Farmer’s nursery specializes in natural plant care, organics, and many things edible. This calming destination is the perfect place to take your family for the day, and also has classes provided. The nursery staff can provide anyone with free advice on how to make your garden the best, while also having knowledge on soil. You can visit with the animals that are on site, and your children will fall in love. Farmer Bill says, “We have farm animals for kids to come and see, there are few places for kids to go in the city for free.”

There are many events that you and your family can get involved in through out the year. Every year, there is a pumpkin growing contest that starts in May for children 16 years old and younger, and a zucchini growing contest that starts in May for 16 years and older. These contests will end in October, and the winners will be awarded prizes.

This day time destination allows free classes in gardening, and other classes such as chicken raising and bee keeping. This is the ultimate place to learn new things that you’ve always wanted to try, especially if you’ve always wanted to start your own home garden. You can visit the organic food stand, ask for advice on your gardening, or simply come to enjoy and relax with the calming breeze. Farmer Bill says, “We’ve been doing this 45 years, people can buy soil and seeds in tablespoons or the packet, for vegetable gardens.”

You can check out their website to see upcoming events, and classes that are being offered. A few of the upcoming classes are on August 26th, Composting 101 and Fermenting the Fruits of Summer DIY Workshops. You will learn what can and can not be composted into soil in Composting 101 and you will learn about fermentation, while being able to take home two jars of pickles to ferment yourself, for $40. Classes are free, unless you take products, such as pickles, back home for yourself and your family to enjoy. These classes are a fun activity that the whole family can get involved in, and you will have fresh ideas on how to improve your own garden.

The City Farmers Nursery tries to provide products that you won’t find in the city, and creates an experience that you will cherish, while being a destination that you will want to keep coming back to. Since 1972, the people at City Farmers Nursery have been striving to create a destination for families that want a moment out of the city, so make a day of it! Let your children run around and gaze at the animals, while you purchase soil and get advice on your planting skills, and after you can enjoy a delicious meal at Nate’s Garden Grill next-door. The City Farmers Nursery will be your favorite destination to escape to.

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