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While many people travel outside of the lovely San Diego for a vacation, some choose to save money and enjoy a “Staycation” instead. If you have a big family, this one is for you. Knott’s Soak City is the perfect place to find refuge from the hot sun while entertaining yourself and the kids. Set in Chula Vista, Knott’s is full of fun water rides and adventures to be had.

Brandon Paradeau, Marketing Manager of Knott’s, can’t believe that the summer is nearly over but assures that there’s tons of time left for you to bring your family and enjoy the park’s offerings. “We got rides for every age. We got a kiddy area…and kids can have a great time over there. We’ve got big slides round the back side of the park for the bigger kids. We’ve got world-class thrill rides for the whole family,” says Paradeau.

The rides are differentiated by Thrill ratings, letting you easily know which ones would be suitable for which ages. The Pacific Spin has an Aggressive Thrill 5 rating, which offers a fun ride with thrilling 75-feet drops and spins at 35-feet-per-second. The Coronado Express, also a five, is a family raft adventure which features huge eight-foot innertubes and 668-feet of twirly fun. Make sure to hold on tight as your innertube is shot 78-feet down to the splashpool.

The lowest rating of one, meaning it’s a Low Thrill ride, is the Tykes Trough, which is a short, gentle slide into a shallow splash pool. While most have a height requirement, Dick’s Beach House is open to anyone. With a Mild Thrill 2 rating, the House is four stories of water fun, featuring slides, jets, geysers, and much more.

However, it’s not only fun and games for kids. The park wants to make sure the parents have the chance to relax, supplying them with Eric’s Beach Club Bar where they can grab some tasty (adult) drinks. Paradeau says, “It’s a great place for mom’s to bring their kids down because not only can all the kids have a great time at the park, mom can relax, grab a drink at the bar.”

Knott’s prides themselves on their food selection, striving to always offer the best selections. Guests will find a Dippin’ Dots Sundae Shop to help cool them down even further, providing an always needed sweet treat. Pacific Beach Salads & Sandwiches have a great menu full of green salads and tons of sandwiches, like Bomber Subs and Grilled Panini’s. There’s also hot dogs, pizza, Mexican food, Philly cheese steaks, and ICEE’s.

There are many ticket options, from single day tickets to season passes. If you buy a single pass online they are only $24.99, while at the gate they will cost $33.99, saving you a total of $9 per ticket. It may not seem like much, but when taking a big family, that extra cash adds up and could be great spending money once inside. If you’re interested in the regular season pass, they cost $64.99 for adults and $54.99 for juniors and seniors. If you plan on attending the park a few times or more a year, we definitely recommend just getting the season pass and saving yourself some cash.

The park always has special deals available, so be sure to keep a look out on their website. Right now, until August 31, they are having Fire & Law Appreciation Days as a way to say thank you to the many men and women who help keep San Diego safe. Any employees of our police and fire departments are able to visit the park for only $19.99. Even better, friends and family members can join you at the same discounted rate. Just make sure to take something with you as employment proof, like your badge or business card.

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Mila Pantovich is the Lifestyle Editor at JustLuxe and runs her own entertainment website, Reel Obsession.

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