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Over the past couple of weeks the storm that is Paranormal Activity has swept the nation into a scared frenzy. The trailer that Paramount shelled out prior to the films release built the movie up so well that it’s success was waiting in the distance. Even though Paramount did an astounding job in making the intrigue of the movie astronomical and appealing. The movie itself is a testament to incredible directing of a horror film.

Oren Peli’s 15,000 dollar budget for the film may have been in obstacle in creating a CGI blood gore and guts film, but despite that Peli came out on top with an astounding vision that rooted from The Blair Witch Project.

The film follows a couple in their home, they have placed cameras in the house to document what they believe is an entity that is haunting their house. Throughout the film you are intertwined, and entranced by the experience you see on the big screen. The sheer suspense the movie emits throughout its running may have etched its seat in the stadium of great horror films of our time, but did you know that Peli lives in San Diego.

That’s right San Diego, Oren Peli, the creator of Paranormal Activity let’s his creative mind rest within our city lines. As a city we should feel proud and prestigious and the reason for this pride are as follows.

Peli has done what very few have ever accomplished in the world of cinema. He took a seemingly minuscule budget and instead of shelling out a low, sub-par film, he created an artistic ingenious accomplishment of cinema. Much like the creators of The Blair Witch Project, Peli took his lack of monetary supply and compensated for it with true vision and ability. His film is a breath of fresh air in a medium that is becoming dominated by poorly written screenplays that overlook substance and shell out grand CGI and special effects to titillate the masses. Peli’s vision has brought hope back to the dying industry, in saying “yes, there are still creative people out there that can create great works of art with sheer ability and well written plot lines”, this is why we should be proud that he is a fellow San Diegan.

Peli, now 39, was a former video game designer for Sony and filmed the video in his own house in San Diego. Can you believe it, the Paranormal Activity movie was filmed in our city, if that isn’t something to be proud of as then I don’t know what is.

Peli has lived in San Diego for 12 years and no one knows exactly where he lives due to his fear of on-lookers and fans coming to see him. Now a full-time filmmaker, we can only hope for another creative work from Peli in the time to come and we must support him as we have always supported San Diego success stories.

Keep up the good work Peli, and San Diego thanks you for putting out a movie with true substance, and not unadulterated non-sense.

(We are currently trying to get an interview with Peli, so stay tuned for that as we will be answering all the questions you want to know)

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