Brilliant Ways to Reuse Items

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Recycling has thankfully become mainstream, with more and more conscious of reducing the amount of waste we contribute each year. There are always new ways we can consume less and make more of what we have. Not only are you doing your part in saving our environment, you’ll also be saving money! Here are some items you can save from the trash and give new purpose to.

Plastic bags

Keep these for future shopping trips by keeping a few in your car in case you need them. They also make for great packing materials, in case you are moving and want to protect your valuables. If you leave town, a plastic bag can be used to cover a any plants in your home, trapping moisture and keeping them alive longer. Re-use them as poop bags for your pet, or trash bags for a small garbage bin, like in the bathroom. 

Egg cartons

Used your compostable egg cartons for planting seedlings! Fill each hole with soil, plant your desired seeds, and leave in your garden. After they sprout, the carton will biodegrade in the ground over time.

Glass jars

More than 11.6 millions tons of glass is trashed every year in the U.S. but glass jars are perfectly reusable. Use them organize any spices or dried goods in your pantry. Use them for jar salads, an easy and popular way to meal prep for a quick lunch. Turn a mason jar into a reusable drinking container on the go with an EcoJarz lid. Or use an old pasta sauce container for a cup at home or a pot for a small plant. 


Easily overlooked when they need to be replaced, toothbrushes make for fantastic cleaning tools. They’re great for scrubbing hard to reach places like underneath the sink, your faucet, or the soles of your favorite sneakers. Spilled a little coffee on your couch? Throw some dawn and cold water on a toothbrush and scrub out the stain in a circular motion. Toothbrushes can even be used to clean electronics due to their softer bristles. 

Clothes, towels, and bedding

If your old T-shirts are in too bad of shape to be donated, use them as cleaning rags for your car, bathroom, or kitchen. Thinking about getting rid of your old sheets? They can easily be reused as a beach blanket. They are light enough to throw in a beach bag and dry much quicker than terry cloth beach blankets. 

Disposable razors

Once they get too dull to use for shaving, disposable razors can be great to use for removing those pesky fabric pills on any clothing items you have. 

Tissue boxes

Cut the tops off any old tissue boxes and use them as smaller dividers in your drawers. They are perfect for keeping any small items from rolling around in a drawer. 

Cardboard tubes

Use these to organize any extra cables you have lying around. Bunch them up and place them in the tubes and write the names of the cords on the outside. Toilet paper cardboard tubes can be used to organize necklaces when traveling. 


Outside from the obvious potential for being solid packing material, newspapers are surprisingly good at absorbing odors. Stuff a balled up newspaper in your shoes, diaper bag, or even your fridge to eliminate any smells. Lay newspaper down when doing arts and crafts with kids to minimize the clean up after. 

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