Book Fury: Gandhi’s Gay? JFK Jr. Affair?

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What do Gandhi and JFK Jr. have in common? The two infamous men have recently been featured in books and these titles are making headlines. In, Great Soul: Mahatma Gandhi and His Struggle With India, some reviewers have come to the conclusion that Gandhi may have had a homosexual relationship and insights into JFK Jr.’s five year love affair are making their debut in Coming to the Edge.

Haag’s five years  of love with JFK Jr.

Christina Haag has just released her new book Come to the Edge which goes into her insights about her five year relationship John F. Kennedy Jr. The actress and the politician’s son dated from 1985 to 1990 and knew one another since they were both 15 years old. The two grew up in the same Upper East Side of Manhattan neighborhood and intermingled with the same group of prep school friends. Haag and JFK Jr. even went to Brown University together, but it was not until after college that the two began their romance. After being cast in an off-Broadway play together, the two embarked in a five year love affair. Come to the Edge is described as a “portrait of a young man with an enormous capacity for love and an adventurous spirit that drove him to live life to its fullest” by MSNBC’s Today Books.

Book about Gandhi’s alleged homosexual affair

Pulitzer-Prize winning author Joseph Lelyveid has just released a new book about Mahatma Gandhi, but unfortunately the Gujarat’s state government in western India has already put a ban on the new book. Great Soul: Mahatma Gandhi and His Struggle With India has been banned based on the reviews of US and UK book reviewers that hint at Gandhi’s alleged homosexual relationship. This is just the beginning, more state governments through out India are suggesting banning the book as well. In India, homosexuality was illegal until 2009, but the stigma of homosexuality is still prevalent.

The book has not been released in India so almost no one has read Lelyveid’s book first hand. The Indian state governments are basing their conclusions of Lelyveid’s work off the reviews coming out of the US and UK that have dramatized the passages in the book to suggest had an intimate relationship with a German man named Hermann Kallenbach. It has been said that the book has been taken out of context and in no way does the book ever mention homosexuality or bisexuality. Reports in Britain and later in India outlandishly have ran headlines like “Gandhi ‘left his wife to live with a male lover’ new book claims” or “Book claims German man was Gandhi’s secret love.” According to CBS News, Ranjit Hoskote a writer and general secretary for the freedom expression group PEN India notes that Kallenbach and Gandhi’s relationship is old news; the correspondence between the two have been available in library archives for decades. “There’s no secret or any sort of scandal,” says Hoskote.

Will you be buying Lelyveid’s new book Great Soul: Mahatma Gandhi and His Struggle With India or Come to the Edge?

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  1. ady

    March 31, 2011 at 2:01 am

    Lol … so Gandhi was GANDU……

  2. Saint

    April 4, 2011 at 4:20 am

    Most of the outrage and venomous online messages against the author of the book great soul was published by castiest Indians who can’t stand the truth about gandhi or hindu culture going out to the limelight?.

    As a matter of fact, the WSJ that carried a review of this book written by British Historian Andrew Roberts was a striaghtforward review of the book, whether or not the author of the book said whatever the reviewer wrote is a question but without knowing and doing any sort of reading or diligence the hindu community in US and India has exploded with outrage against the book and the author. Infact, the state of Gujajarat run by yet another casteist by name Modi banned the book already and insisted that the central govt of India should ban too?.

    A simple example of this barbaric hindu behavior can be found on the 700 or so comments made repeatedly same group of people as well as some western gandhi procrastinators who have no clue as to what is said and written on the book.

    So what is the reality of gandhi and all these outrage……!

    Ever since gandhi became gandhi (great soul??), the spread of information and stories about gandhi was the top priority of the most wealthy and die hard hindus who wanted to project India as a hindu nation and but in reality it is not, hindus comprise only a merely 10% or less out of about 1.3 Billion strong population of India (but, the die hard worshipers of gandhi also includes miserable portion of others that includes even India’s dalits who are not followers of hinduism and who have been betrayed by gandhi and congress).

    Those who are on the top of the food chain and power structure of India realized that they must have something to talk about and something to project India that will please the hindu crowd and the world. What started as a Hoopla gandhi became an extravagant publicity, gandhi, the term, the name and activities became the propaganda machine for ever. As a matter of fact gandhi did involve in many social activities and freedom fight and so on, but is he worthy of all the credit and praise he has been showered on, not really. One of the most horrendous thing gandhi did was strengthening the India’s caste system, this guy in the name of fighting against untouchablity, he betrayed the poor by playing around the topic of untouchablity, but he wrote, spoke and debated that caste system has a meaning and we must protect it, such was the callousness of gandhi. Not only playing lip task, but he totally betrayed Dr.Ambedkar the Father of Indian Constitution to create a separate electorate for the untouchables to free them from hindu barbaric caste system?. gandhi Opposed DrAmbedkar and threatened him that he will go fast unto death if Dr.Ambedkar give up fighting for eliminating caste system and not ask for seperate electorate for untouchables, one of the greatest tragedy of India, ask your casteist hindu friends in America if they ever disclose this fact or even utter a word about it, they will not, how will they?.

    So much said and written about gandhi that every thing became so real irrespective of it it was a conspiracy or a drama, anything said about gandhi was great and real for Indians, atleast that is how the casteists of India made it. So, he became the symbol of India, the symbol non-violence and the symbol of Truth………so on.

    The extraordinary propaganda machine of India and abroad kept the boisterous news pouring on top of people like a rain storm and even the British Movie maker”stupor Dickie” could not resist making a movie on gandhi. What Dickie did was a spectacular, epic proportion movie that would further shake up the world and place the saint gandhi on top of the world as a model.

    Albeit people like Richard Attenborough are known for doing some home work and gather background information, fact check and reality check, he has realized the potential of reaping revenues from this movie if he twists the truth further and dramatize it, how much fact is involved in the script is a million dollar question. Did he really do research on gandhi is also a million dollar question, leaving all those behind, if we look at the portray of gandhi in his movie, Dickie butchered the truth in this movie, it is no way closely even resemble gandhi’s real life activities. Not just the movie maker, biographies after biographies, books after books written on gandhi by various Indian writers, historians, academicians created an aura about gandhi. Once the Indians became tired of writing on gandhi, the international writer’s picked up from where the hindus left and it continued unabatted and unscruplous for decades till today. Not a single one of the writers ever had the ability to be a scrupulous writers or movie makers!. Or, were they part of the conspiracy too to make a hagiography-cal figure out of a half naked, dull, ordinary, below average intellect like gandhi is unfolding in the recent past.

    For the first time in my desperate search for one writer, just one honest writer who can tell me the real story about gandhi, I nearly stumbled upon, though Among the Hegiographers no way as close to the Truth told in “gandhi behind the divinity of mask and gandhi under cross examination by G.B.Singh. I am euphoric when I read the recent wall street journal book review by Andrew Roberts, I said Thank You, at last I found one writer now I can listen to about gandhi. Andrew Roberts, a British historian writes a spectacular book review with courage, dignity and utmost honesty that we never witnessed in this world ever since gandhi became gandhi, decades after gandhi’s life and death, there is so much said and done in books, movies, novels, news papers.

    WSJ:Great Soul: Mahatma Gandhi and His Struggle with India
    Historian Andrew Roberts appraises a new biography of Gandhi, challenging hagiographic accounts of, as the book’s title has it, the “Great Soul.”!).

    Andrew Roberts, in his quest to answer some of the most secretly kept or masked questions on gandhi, that many would think right away it is a scam, or the hindus would say blasphemy, but for those truth seekers, this is a revealation, a spectacular reveiw never done before on gandhi. For every argument Andrew Robert’s make, are all supported by gandhi’s real life events. The Wall Street Journal made choice atlast to be outrightly honest, I am not sure if they wanted to be a Model of the global news paper industry or it is just a fluke this time it has published such a review that would surely going to cause a mess among hindus, who in general cannot tolerate if Turth told to them, nor would they open up their minds to listen to other views, in any case, the wheel of Dhamma is turning and the Truth about fake saint gandhi is emerging……!.

    Andrew’s review is a must read for one and all who wants to know the truth about gandhi and India. Thank you Andrew for your good work.

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