Taylor Swift’s new single and new mansion

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In her new upcoming single, “Never Ever Getting Back Together,” Taylor Swift has shown that she is not one to dwell on the past. Rather than having a song that focuses on the teenage drama of being victimized and social outlook, the singer takes charge and is defiant.

“Instead, it’s the break in the song, three quarters of the way through, when Swift stops singing entirely and just talks to the listener like you’re her closest girlfriend.” (NY Daily News)

Through her latest song, Taylor is able to connect with her audience. Most women, and girls, can understand the issues of guys hurting them but yet say they love them. The struggle of battling it out with the emotions is felt and heard within the song.

Many of her fans have wondered which of her famous exes Taylor is focusing her song on. A list of her former boyfriends include Taylor Lautner, Joe Jonas, John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal, The singer has already admitted to the public that song’s subject is from a real life experience.

The new single will be released on October 22 in her upcoming album, “Red.”  Taylor has clearly shown that she is over her past drama and is ready to move on.

Speaking of “moving on,” Taylor not only has a new single to show her outlook on life, but she also has a new home and a new boyfriend, Conor Kennedy.  The singer started dating Kennedy a couple of months ago and has now purchased a home in Cape Cod, to be near him.

Taylor’s latest boyfriend, Conor, is the son of Robert Kennedy Jr. and Mary Kennedy.

“And it’s not just Conor Kennedy who appears to be smitten with Swift. Ethel Kennedy, 84, told reporters that the family “should be so lucky” to welcome Taylor into the mix and daughter Rory has also called the singer ‘a great friend of all of ours.”(Fox News)

With Taylor’s new purchase of her home, the singer can now be closer to her love and his family whom she has grown close to. The big mansion was on the market for a few years before Taylor snatched it for a mere $4.9 million. According to the realtor, the house was built in 1928 and was originally in the market for $14 million.

The home is a beautiful 4,400 square foot mansion located right on the ocean coastline of Massachusetts. Taylor’s new residence has a tennis court, swimming pool, cinema, wine cellar, and 13 rooms that include 7 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. Each of the 13 rooms has its own oceanic view of the coast.

The singer’s home is also just located right across the street from her boyfriend. In addition, the residence includes a nice beach for the singer to take her romantic strolls with Kennedy. The location makes the house a perfect dream for any girl.

Photos courtesy of Evan Rinaldi and Munis via WikiCommons

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