Great White Elephant Gifts on Amazon Right Now

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It’s that time of year again where white elephant gift exchanges are coming back, and it’s time to find that perfect gift. White elephant gift exchange presents should be something that is funny, and nothing too expensive. This isn’t the time to purchase fancy watches or Godiva chocolates. White elephant gift exchanges are also perfect if you and your friends want to get each other gifts, without spending your whole paycheck.

Consider getting the Dad Bag if you are going for a more humorous gift. This present will make everyone giggle and laugh as the lucky person unwraps this strap on dad belly. The Dad Bag is a twist on the usual fanny pack, but has the photo of a hairy belly, causing whoever has it strapped on, to have a pretend belly as well. Your friends will laugh watching the lucky gift receiver try it on and prance around the gift exchange with their new favorite travel buddy.

If you and your group of friends are active with your coffee drinking, consider getting the BigMouth Inc Toilet Mug for your white elephant gift exchange. This is the perfect gag gift that will have your friends laughing as you sip out of the coffee cup, disguised as a toilet. This is the perfect humorous gift that will cause jealousy at your gift exchange.

The best thing to disguise your present in, is in an actual white elephant gift bag. This gift bag will be perfect to put your Awkward Family Photo Calendar in for the exchange. This hilarious calendar consists of 12 hilarious and awkward real family pictures, that went terribly wrong. Such as some of the weirdest family pictures you’ll ever see, and wonder where you will hang this beautiful calendar in your room. This is the perfect gift that will make all your friends grin from ear to ear with discomfort.

If you and your group of friends are a clan of “foodies”, purchase the Fifty Shades of Chicken cookbook. This chicken obsessed book gives you recipes for 50 different ways to cook chicken. Make a bet with your friends and see who can be the best version of chicken, and discover 50 new ways to make your favorite source of protein.

The Hamilton Beach 25476 Breakfast Electric Sandwich Maker is quite possibly one of the best white elephant gifts of all time, because it can’t be decided if this is humorous or beneficial. You can make the perfect breakfast sandwich in under 5 minutes on this one of a kind and unique grill. It’s quick and easy in the morning, and one of the weirdest but useful inventions. Your friends won’t be able to decide if they will want to steal the gift from you, or laugh as you attempt to make them breakfast the next morning with your new prized possession.

The holidays are about gathering with friends and family, and making them laugh with the traditional white elephant exchange. Be the one who wins for the most unique and humorous present.

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