The Benefits of Cryotherapy

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What is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is the newest health trend sweeping the country. Whole body cryotherapy is a procedure that exposes the body to extremely cold temperatures, all the way down to -200° F for several minutes. This is all accomplished by pumping liquid nitrogen into the tank. First used in the 70s in Japan, cryotherapy has made its way to the US, where it has become popular with athletes and health and wellness lovers.

Cryotherapy can now be found all around the country, at gyms, spas, and other health and wellness focused facilities, all claiming a variety of health benefits. While cryotherapy is not regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration, many of its users have raved about the good it has done for them.

Depending on where you go to do a cryotherapy session, you can expect to be given globes, socks, slippers, a face mask, ear muffs, and underwear, all which are necessary to protect your skin when stepping into the frigid temperatures. At first, the cold will be breathtaking, but your body quickly adapts to it. You can expect to get the shivers, but it won’t feel like your body is freezing, nor does the liquid penetrate your skin. The cryo-chambers do not lock, so you can open the door at any time. Cryotherapy sessions typically range from $40 – $100, with some clinics offering monthly subscriptions with unlimited access to cryo-chambers, depending on how often you want to use it.

Cryotherapy Benefits

1. Muscle & Joint Pain Relief

Similar to icing an injury, cryotherapy is effective in treating any type of muscle or joint pain by helping reduce inflammation at the sight of the injury. Research has shown that cryotherapy is effective at helping users recover from injury quicker thanks to reducing swelling and cell damage.

2. Anti-Aging

Another benefit of the sharp reduction in inflammation is that it can help your skin regain vitality. While it’s no fountain of youth treatment, cryotherapy can help rejuvenate your skin, making you feel healthier.

3. Kick-start your metabolism

When your body is subjected to cold temperatures, it forces your body to work overtime to stay warm. This means that when you endure a cryotherapy session, your body is essentially getting a jumpstart, burning through hundreds of calories. Cryotherapy shouldn’t be seen as a miracle weight loss treatment, but it will give you metabolism a much-needed boost, which can be helpful for some.

4. It makes you feel good!

Cryotherapy users often report a feeling of euphoria after finishing a session. The cold temperatures are said to produce a temporary boost in mood and energy levels, releasing a powerful rush of endorphins that gets your blood flowing.


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