Baylayage is the New Blonde

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If the saying “blondes have more fun” has finally made you want to go to the lighter side, you might have realized that it might be a little pricey to keep your golden locks up to date. The perfect way to keep your hair blonde, but to make sure it doesn’t hurt your wallet, is with baylayage. Baylayage is a form of an ombre where the roots are darker, and naturally grow into the blonde. With a baylayage, you can let your hair grow into a natural ombre, and you will only have to get your hair done twice a year, depending on how blonde you want it.

Kerrigan Bush has been getting baylayage’s since high school and says, “I love having a baylayage because I save money on not getting my hair done every two months, and it looks more natural. The blond grows into my natural color, and it’s becoming very popular.”

The baylayage will allow you to spend less money throughout the year, meaning you won’t have to constantly pay for touchups to be blonder, allowing you to spend your money on what you really want to spend it on. The word “Baylayage” is French for paint, which is perfect because this hair style is natural, and looks as if the blond was natural highlights from the sun that are painted within your hair. This hair trend can be for everyone and anyone, whether you have dark brown hair, or naturally blond hair already. Another dedicated baylayage fan, Megan Burgstahler says, “It really saved my hair. My hair was so dried out form having it bleached for years, and I got my hair done religiously every two months. When I found out about this trend, I tried it out, and since I only get my hair done every 6 months now, I feel less stressed and my hair looks way healthier than before.”

This hair technique allows woman to be bold and blond, without the constant keep up, which saves every girl money in the end. If you do decide that you want to become a baylayge girl, make sure that you do your research. This technique is tricky to pull off, so make sure that you find a hair dresser that can take on the challenge. Make sure to take care of your hair, and to have confidence in who takes care of your mane. Another main reason that the baylayage is different than the ombre and will save you money, is because you can simply look at a baylayage as a partial ombre. Baylayge consists are partial highlights of an ombre, causing to looking “painted” on and more natural for your features.

Baylayage is the cure to any girl who feels as if she spends too much money on her hair, and wants to be blonde all year long. Work your blonde locks and partake in the new trend that is taking the beauty world by storm. Join in on the baylayge hype and find out if blondes really do have more fun.

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