Apple tablet announcement and the iPhone could change your life

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Apple is scheduled to make a huge announcement Wednesday in San Francisco about its latest creation which many speculate to be the Apple Tablet. A source at Apple told Fox News that the announcement is likely to focus on three things: the tablet, iPhone 4 software and new  iLife 2010 software.

Excitement is mounting about the new iPhone software.

The Apple iPhone can truly be a life saver – and for a man trapped under the rubble after the earthquake in Haiti it was — literally. Apart from the literal, San Diegans rely on their iPhones primarily for turn by turn directions and traffic conditions but also love the millions of applications that are available to download. The Yelp app is particularly useful in helping find nearby restaurants and it offers user reviews, it also helps find the nearest gas stations, banks, drugstores, bars, coffee places and even tells you about sales and special offers in your area.

UCSD students will surely be familiar with the UCSD iPhone app available for free, which provides students with campus news and sports scores, faculty and student contact information, course information and a campus map along with a building locator.

Surfers should definitely download the surf report app which would tell you the surf height, swell direction, tide, weather and help you find the best beach nearby. For skiers and snowboarders, you will also find snow report apps with up to the minute updates on snow fall counts, road closures and trail maps. Finally, there are also apps for sailing enthusiasts, that provide water charts, navigation tools and sailing conditions.

San Diegans can also enjoy apps to keep track of the Chargers and Padres, to get transit updates, weather conditions, and Comic-Con news. The University of San Diego also has an application and you can delight in apps by the San Diego Zoo and the San Diego Symphony.  There are apps to help you find a home or apartment and if you’re single, there is a San Diego dating application.

One popular application on the iPhone is the Pizza Hut app. This app is a must have for pizza lovers. The Pizza Hut app will use your location to find the closest Pizza Hut and allows you to order right from your phone, no need to call in!

Subway is also trying to get in on the action by allowing customers to text in their orders. Those lucky UCSD students are among the first in California that get to try out the new ordering system. The on-campus Subway lets students text in their orders, pick up their food, pay and go. The system is being tested at other Subway locations in San Diego as well as in Los Angeles, Bakersfield and Santa Barbara. Texting in your order is certainly better than having to call it in. You don’t have to wait for someone to pick up the phone and hope that they take down your order correctly; instead you simply text in exactly what you want, receive a confirmation and pick it up when it’s ready.

No one knows for sure what Apple CEO Steve Jobs will announce Wednesday, but what is certain is that it will be something new and sleek with the potential to change life as we know it.

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