Dietician Heidi Diller on How To Shop Smart

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While spring cleaning usually includes decluttering closets, this year, tackle the cupboards too, which may hide food that could sabotage summer slimdown goals and hinder a healthy lifestyle overhaul.

Albertsons® Corporate Dietitian and Southern California resident, Heidi Diller suggests these tips for keeping a health-conscious home that will also help you get in shape for swimsuit season:

  • The new dietary guidelines recommend that at least half the grains you eat daily should be whole grains, so follow that rule in your kitchen. Choose more whole-grain breads, cereals and other grains in place of refined grains, and remember that oatmeal is always a whole grain. As part of a healthy lifestyle and diet, whole grain oatmeal may help reduce cholesterol.
  • Always make a list; never shop hungry. Impulse buys typically satisfy high calorie cravings vs. fresh fruits and veggies. No time for a list? Albertsons offers nutrition iQ®, designed to make it easy to find healthier food throughout the store.  nutrition iQ® offers Albertsons’ shoppers color-coded icons on food tags and signs on the shelf that point out the nutritional content of food items throughout the store. All color-tagged food is guaranteed to be low in saturated fats, sodium and sugar.

Watch Diller explain nutrition iQ® here:

  • When cooking at home, non-traditional ingredient swaps calories without sacrificing taste. Make a veggie burger with whole grain oats to enhance flavor and texture or swap in apple sauce or prune puree for butter and oil when baking.
  • Snack sensibly.  A light snack between meals can help curb cravings and keep your energy from plummeting mid-day, but choose wisely.  A combination of fiber and lean protein is a satisfying option until your next meal.  Try having fruit or veggie slices with a small amount of peanut butter, or grab a light yogurt and add some spoonfuls of sliced fruit and whole-grain cereal for a do-it-yourself parfait.

Diller is a local RD with national recognition and shares about the steps people can take toward a more healthy diet this month, starting with the very first meal of the day: breakfast.  As the Retail West Dietitian for SUPERVALU, Diller has participated in more than 800 nutrition-focused interviews locally and nationally, including The Tyra Show.

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