8 Essential Vitamins You Need to Live your Healthiest Life

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Making sure you’re getting the proper amount of vitamins and nutrients everyday can be tough, especially if you don’t know which foods to eat. There’s no need to stumble through the vitamin isle at your local grocery store and spend a fortune on supplements if you plan on eating a healthy balanced diet. Here are the 8 essential vitamins you need to live your best and healthiest life.

Vitamin A

This is important as it plays a big role in growth and cell development. It also helps promote healthy hair, nails, gums, skin, bones, and teeth. It can help you reduce inflammation by fighting free radical damage. It can even help prevent night blindness and may even help prevent lung cancer.

Top foods high in Vitamin A: Cold water fish, egg yolks, dairy products

Vitamin B1

This will kick start your metabolism by helping your body convert carbohydrates into glucose, which is the bodies preferred source of energy. Vitamin B1 is also important for helping prevent nerve damage and supporting cardiovascular health. A more unique aspect of B1 is that it can contribute to lifting a poor mood, giving you motivation and a boost of energy to get through your day.

Top foods high in Vitamin B1: Seeds, beans, nuts, asparagus, yeast

Vitamin C

Also known as ascorbic acid, Vitamin C is one of the more well-known vitamins, and for a good reason! It can help improve a stressed immune system and is pretty effective in fighting off colds and flu. It has been shown to improve your physical performance and overall muscle strength, especially in elderly people.

Top foods high in Vitamin C: Citrus foods, kale, bell peppers, brussel sprouts

Vitamin D 

Especially important for maintaining a strong and healthy bone structure, and you can get a healthy dose just by spending a few minutes in the sun! It can also help you manage blood sugar levels and even prevent diabetes. Several studies have shown that vitamin D also effects our ability to concentrate and retain information.

Top foods high in Vitamin D: Sunlight, mushrooms, pasteurized milk

Vitamin E

Contributes a big part in balancing your cholesterol, which can help your cells, nerves, and hormones properly function. Since it is a powerful antioxidant, it can help decrease damage to your hair, by promoting circulation to the scalp. Vitamin E has also been shown to increase immune response by helping prevent common illnesses.

Top foods high in Vitamin E: Eggs, vegetable oils, nuts, seeds


This is the number one nutrient that affects bone health. When combined with other vitamins like K and D, it results in dense and strong bones that will not break easily when under stress. Getting enough calcium every day can keep osteoporosis from kicking in, and can even defend against cancer and diabetes. Calcium is also the mineral that makes up our teeth, so it is a must for your oral health as well.

Top foods high in Calcium: Whey protein, sesame seeds, almonds, milk


An Iron deficiency is a serious problem affecting many Americans, so getting a proper amount of it every is crucial. Iron is important for muscle and brain function, helping pump oxygen to both. A healthy level of iron in your body will also increase your overall energy levels, helping you beat fatigue.

Top foods high in Iron: Grass fed beef, lentils, dark chocolate, black beans, pistachios


This powerful antioxidant that helps you fight off a variety of diseases. It can also help your body heal wound more quickly by helping boost the integrity of your skin. Zinc can aid your body in regulating your hormones, and increase your overall reproductive health.

Top foods high in Zinc: chicken, yogurt, lamb, cocoa powder, mushrooms.

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