5G Super Networks and What They’ll Be Like

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Modern mobile networks work using 4G technology, which provides fairly fast speeds as it is. We are on the cusp of entering the next stage, with 5G networks poised to become the next exciting standard. So what exactly are they and what do they promise?

The G in 5G stands for generation, with each iteration being defined by the level of data transmission speeds associated with it. Current 4G networks allow for several hundreds of megabits per second download speeds, with the best topping out at near a gigabit-per-second.

5G networks are reported to be primed and ready to deploy by the end of this year. With a wide range of carriers testing this technology, 5G networks should be implemented in select markets very soon. Once implemented, we can expect multi gigabit-per-second download speeds to become the norm. These speeds aren’t just limited to downloading things, but it will allow for a variety of new experiences. Augmented and virtual reality will get a huge boost, allowing for smoother and more realistic experiences. Connected cars and more advanced smart home technologies will also become a reality, with any lag becoming a thing of the past.

Many of these devices and technology have been available for some time, but they have been hindered by slow networks that are not capable of transmitting massive amounts of data on the fly. Augmented reality glasses, or smart glasses, finally have a real chance of becoming more mainstream. Companies like Apple and Google are working on the next-gen smart glasses that will have incredible capabilities, and it will all work due to 5G networks.

When 5G networks are deployed, phones capable of using them will be sparse, but carriers will offer puck-like devices that will deliver mobile-hotspots capable of providing 5G speeds. These hotspots will give you the ability to stream 4K video, have high definition video conferences, access large amounts of data, and an assortment of other capabilities, all while being mobile.

The first 5G capable phones will begin to appear early next year, with Motorola leading the way. However, these devices won’t be true 5G devices, but rather come with an add-on accessory that will allow them to connect to these blazing fast networks. LG is slated to be the first phone maker to release a true 5G enabled phone that will be fully integrated, which will be released in the first half of 2019 as a Spring exclusive.

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