5 Tea Tree Oil Products With Great Benefits

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None of us are blessed with perfect skin, but it’s something magazines and social media have led us to believe is a real thing. The fact is, perfect skin doesn’t exist, but there are products out there that promote healthy skin, which, in turn, improves the appearance of our skin.

Among many other natural products out there, tea tree oil is an effective and inexpensive treatment for various skin issues. The oil comes from the leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia, a small tree native to Queensland and New South Wales, Australia, and has been used as traditional medicine by Aborigines for centuries.

Today, the product has many beneficial uses in skincare such as treatment for athlete’s foot, dandruff, and much more. Because of it’s healing and nourishing abilities, tea tee oil is used in many products such as hand sanitizer, face wash, lotion, and more. Here are our top picks for products containing tea tree oil.

Trader Joe’s Face Wash With Tea Tree Oil

Trader Joe’s has really stepped up their beauty products game. Trader Joe’s Face Wash Tea Tree Oil ($5.99) is light and gentle on the skin, perfect for everyday use. This product is made with natural, organic ingredients that help prevent breakouts, reduce facial redness and leave your skin feeling smooth and silky.

Dr. Bonner’s Tea Tree Pure – Castile Liquid

Dr. Bonner’s Castile Liquid Soap made with pure tea tree oil can calm acne-prone skin and reduce dandruff. The organic vegan soap can also be used as a cleaning agent for laundry, dishes, mopping and more.

Earth Therapeutics Tea Tree Oil Foot Spray

The fungal infection, athlete’s foot is a common condition that causes itchiness, burning, and stinging. Tea tree oil contains terpinen-4-ol, chemical that has been shown to kill certain bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Earth Therapeutics Tea Tree Oil Foot Spray can help alleviate these symptoms as well as deodorize and soften rough skin.

SheaMoisture Tea Tree Oil & Shea Butter After Shave Elixir

SheaMoisture’s aftershave product can help reduce razor bumps and burns to maintain smooth skin. The shea butter helps to moisturize the skin and keep minor nicks clean, the tea tree oil can help clear pores and reduce burning sensations. This product is sulfate and paraben-free, to give those a comfortable and smooth aftershave.

Baobab & Tea Tree Oils Low Porosity Protein-Free Shampoo & Conditioner

Infused with Baobab, tea tree oils, spearmint, and sage, this shampoo promotes healthy scalp health and nourishes hair hydration. For those that have low porosity hair, your hair has difficulty absorbing moisture. The combination of oils can help lock in moisture while gently cleansing and removing dirt, oils, and product residue. This shampoo is also sulfate-free, paraben-free.

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