17 Day Diet by San Diego’s Dr. Michael Moreno

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The new 17 day diet, which has been featured on shows such as Dr. Phil and The Doctors, was created by Dr. Michael Moreno — a San Diego resident. Originally, the diet was created to help people avoid holiday weight loss gain. However, this diet can be used throughout the entire year.

Dr. Mike discussed how every 17 days, we are constantly changing what we do. “We call it metabolic confusion.” The diet has three cycles, each lasting for 17 days, and a fourth long-term maintenance cycle.

Cycle one, called “Accelerate,” stimulates increasing weight loss and fat burning, and discourages fat storage. “This phase cleanses, hydrates, removes unhealthy carbs, improves unhealthy eating habits, and stimulates fat metabolism,” Moreno says.

Cycle two, called “Activate,” is about resetting your metabolism. This cycle yields about a 5-6 pound weight loss.

Cycle three, called “Achieve,” is a period which is where you re-teach yourself how to carbs and develop healthy eating habits. The final cycle, called “Arrive,” happens when you reach your goal weight. It is a combination of the previous three cycles and allows you to have controlled splurges.

It is recommended to exercise for at least 17 minutes a day for the first two cycles. It the final cycles, you can exercise up to 300 minutes a week for continued weight loss. In the book, which can only be purchased online, Moreno writes, “I think this diet is probably the only diet that is for everybody.” Reports have suggested that Moreno’s diet uses “body confusion” in order to trick the body into speeding up its metabolism.

The 17 day diet is essentially based on a time frame in which the  body can achieve weight loss in a healthy and sustainable way. Dr. Moreno says that the two worst things about diets are boredom and plateau. With this diet, you can still enjoy your life and not be tired of eating the same foods every day. Within each cycle, Moreno offers and suggests a variety of foods to eat and helps you develop your own food plan. The diet encourages clean eating, decreasing sugar intake as well as other unhealthy and processed foods.

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