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San Diego Surf Film Festival

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There is nothing that captures the essence of the southern California beach vibe like a good surf film. Whether you are an avid surfer or you like to stay safe on the shore and appreciate the talent of those who ride the waves, watching a good surf film will give you a special view of the sport.

The surf film has a way of redeeming the stereotype of the silly, stoned, absent-minded surfer. These documentaries beautifully depict the simple joys of a life riding the waves. Surfers enjoy a oneness with nature, a feeling of awe when confronted with the beauty and danger that lurks in the ocean, and a sense of adventure. It is almost impossible to view a surf film without developing a deeper appreciation for the difficult sport and those who have the natural talent to make it look easy.

The San Diego Surf Film Festival (SDSFF) welcomes one and all to celebrate the passion that we all share for just being in the ocean. Since Bruce Brown sent shockwaves throughout the world with his iconic surf film “The Endless Summer,” surf cinema has become a staple in the lives of all who live near the ocean. “The Endless Summer” is perhaps the most popular surf film of all time, and it paved the way for many that came after it. Roger Ebert raved that, “The beautiful photography [Bruce Brown] brought home almost makes you wonder if Hollywood hasn’t been trying too hard.”

Surfing and surf cinema alike have been developed by individuals with a deep passion capturing and preserving the very special feeling of just being a surfer. These documentaries depict the captivatingly fluid sport along with its unadulterated surroundings. The San Diego Surf Film Festival celebrates this raw, authentic beauty and the spirit of surfing.

The San Diego Surf Film Festival will take place May 10, 2017 – May 13, 2017 at Misfit Gallery in La Jolla. Filmmakers and surf enthusiasts from around the world will gather to celebrate the art of surf cinema.

Highlights include over 25 of the finest international surf films, filmmaker meet and greets, Grant Ellis (Surfing Magazine Photo Editor) slideshow, live art brewery party, beach clean-ups and surfing expression sessions. This year, local San Diego surfer extraordinaire Skip Frye will be given a lifetime tribute. Frye was born here in San Diego and began his professional surfing career in 1958. He is a surfer, a surfboard designer and shaper, and an environmental activist. Frye has had a rewarding career and he has created some of the most in-demand surfboards in the world.

SDSFF Founder Pierce Michael Kavanagh says, “Every year we get the opportunity to bring our surfing community together and celebrate what we all love about San Diego and to be able offer Skip Frye top honors this year is simply incredible. Some of my first waves surfing were on a Skip Frye surfboard almost 40 years ago. Skip has been a legend in the surfing world and our hometown hero since the 60s.”

Since it’s inception in 2012, the SDSFF has screened over 150 films which convey the current pulse of surf cinema. Come out to La Jolla and see what all the hype is about. Get your tickets to the SDSFF here.

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