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Support local artists Friday at Prospect Bar and Grill

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Philanthro Productions brings San Diego amazing events, first rate parties, and fundraisers to raise awareness about local charities. From the group that brought you unforgettable events like Urban Oasis, Elevate, and Replay: Back to the 80s, comes a new and exciting event, Interplay: Entertain Your Senses.

Join the Entertainer and Philanthro Productions on Friday, August 6th at Prospect Bar and Grill in La Jolla for this amazing opportunity. Party for a better future while you delight your senses with the different tastes, sights, and sounds from local restaurants and fantastic local artists. Take part in live acoustic and art performances by talented San Diegans, plus join the after party to celebrate a better future!

Complimentary food provided by Prospect Bar & GrillHeaven Sent Desserts, and Extreme Pizza, will be included with admission and the first 100 people to arrive will receive a free gift! There will be hosted wine at the beginning at 7pm, but you must be one of the first 90 people to enter with a pre-sale ticket in order to take advantage of the hosted wine. The cost to attend the event is only $10 presale or $15 at the door. Prepay your ticket now so you don’t miss out.

Not only do you get food, drinks, and an amazing time, your ticket also includes exclusive live musical performances by local artists such as Nova Page, Coda Collins, and DJ Kray-Z.K as well as live art demonstrations from artists such as Brian Hebets, Leticia Ilha, and Bodie Shaw. A silent auction will also take place featuring art pieces and other items such as wine tastings, beauty baskets, and dining certificates.

At 10pm the art demonstrations and performances will give way to a hopping dance floor where you can spend the night dancing your heart away! And remember, you get all of this for only $10!

By attending the event or donating to Philanthro, you will be supporting the San Diego Entertainment & Arts Guild (SDEAG)—an organization that aims to bring together the artistic community of San Diego through advocacy, education, and promotion.

So, entertain your senses at Interplay! Meet Philanthro Productions, SDEAG, and fellow San Diegans while enjoying the greatest food, art, and nightlife San Diego has to offer. Support this local non-profit and learn more about charity in the community. The event will begin at 7pm at Prospect Bar & Grill in La Jolla, and the after party will begin at 10pm. All proceeds including a portion of bar sales from 7-11pm will benefit SDEAG. If you cannot attend, we strongly encourage that you make a donation. It is 100% tax deductible.

For more event information and for presale tickets, visit: http://interplayphilanthrosd.eventbrite.com/

About Philanthro Productions

Philanthro Productions is an organization that puts together events for the purpose of charity awareness. It was founded in February 2007 by Ian Lee and Andrew Geisse in Los Angeles, and holds events that can bridge the gap between young adults and charity, targeting get young professionals and getting them more involved with the community.

“People work all day and most may find it difficult to find the time to volunteer. This is where Philanthro Productions comes in. By hosting first rate parties and charging about the same rate as a regular night out, Philanthro Productions eliminates the trade-off between hanging out with friends and giving back to the community,” says Stephanie Dang, co-president of Philanthro’s San Diego chapter.

Philanthro Productions donates 100% of net proceeds to charity, which typically comes out to 90% of all proceeds after expenses have been considered. Since 2007 Philanthro has grown to be immensely successful. Not only has the event revenue increased in over 400%, the original Los Angeles chapter has expanded to San Diego and San Francisco, making charitable social events more accessible all over California.

The events hosted by Philanthro Productions show much promise in creating awareness of volunteer opportunities within the community. All 3 chapters—San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco—are completely volunteer run, and all net proceeds go to charity. Dang says that “[We] try to instill some education into each event. We want our guests to know that their time and money are going to a good cause.”

Not only is this kind dedication to the community inspiring, it is contagious as well. Many people have become involved with Philanthro Productions through different means whether it be through finding online postings, attending events, or through networking. To find out how you can get involved, go to http://sandiego.philanthroproductions.org/.

So what can we expect from Philanthro Productions in the future? This November, Philanthro Productions will be hosting its first ever tri-city event! What this means is that the 3 cities will be uniting under 1 cause. Each chapter will host an event on the same night in support of Pencils of Promise. “It will be Philanthro’s first time doing this and we’re very excited!” says Dang, so “stay tuned!”

The Entertainer is proud to support local charities and continues to support Philanthro Productions’ charity events. Check back with the Entertainer and Philanthro Productions to hear more about future events and you you can get involved.


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