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Join St. Baldrick Foundation’s Event to Save Lives

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What started in 2000 with three guys who were courageous enough to “brave the shave”, has turned into a worldwide endeavor to raise funds to conquer childhood cancer. St. Baldrick’s Foundation was started as a St. Patrick’s Day party in March of 2000 in a pub in Manhattan. With a goal of raising $17,000 towards finding a cure for cancer, the foundation took quite the turn. On that night over $100,000 was raised after 19 participants decided to shave their heads for the cause. The money was donated to the Children’s Oncology Group, and plans began for another event…and then another, and another after that.

By 2002, the organization had already raised $1 Million for the cure, and all through volunteer-driven events. Hundreds of people gather annually around the country for this powerful testimony of sacrificing something temporary for the sake of research that can save lives. As of 2016, $200 Million has been donated for research through St. Baldrick’s, and continues to provide a powerful platform of change. 

“Shavee” (Photo Credit: Highlander411, Flickr-Creative Commons)

Over the last 70 years, cancer research has drastically improved, saving the lives of many. In the 50’s, almost all children that were diagnosed with cancer ended up dying, but now about 90% of kids with the most common form of childhood cancer (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia) will live. Research continues to help find cures for some of the other types of cancer that continue to be fatalistic. That’s where St. Baldrick’s comes in!

Events are held all over the world for individuals to participate as a “shavee” to show solidarity to the thousands of kids that are losing hair from cancer, while raising funding in the process. Become a “shavee” in San Diego this coming Saturday, March 4th, at The Commons Bar in the Gaslamp District. From 12-4PM, join the movement that is bringing inspiration, and more importantly–money, to continued research for conquering childhood cancer.

In a world of pain and tragedy, we are desperate for hope. In fact, that’s part of the journey of St. Baldrick’s. In the 9/11 attacks, several of the founders colleagues and friends were killed, alongside the loved ones of so many in our nation. Instead of losing heart and giving up on their, what was then a baby organization, forged ahead to help save the lives of others. This organization is a reminder of the beauty of hope, and the impact that can happen when people gather together for a common purpose. 

“Shavees” (Photo Credit: APC Events, Flickr-Creative Commons)


Join in on the movement by:

  • Researching about the organization and childhood cancer
  • Put together a fundraiser of your own
  • Share the event on Facebook
  • Join the March 4th “Shavee” event

Details of the Event:

When: March 4th from 12-4PM

Where: The Commons Bar – 901 4th Avenue, San Diego, CA

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