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The “It” Spot – Best Music and Ambiance

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Do you remember when Jack’s in La Jolla closed their doors and everyone was shocked and wondering where to go on Thursday nights? I have found a venue that is The new “it” spot.

It’s obvious that San Diego has a lot of places to have a drink and listen to music, but the Jack’s crowd is a very specific crowd with a very specific taste, and has a need for just the right place; you know who you are.

Photo from Jyle Dupuis via Flickr

Photo from Jyle Dupuis via Flickr

Take the Jack’s crowd and put them inside of a stylish Manhattan Jazz club and add great music the way we like it and you will definitely make this venue your new Thursday night outing. The first time I went was by invitation; as I walked over the red carpet I was greeted by name. I passed through the tall double doors and I felt like I was in a supper club from an old Hollywood movie. The men were handsome and the women were beautiful. The music was so good it made people dance on a work night. In fact, it was so good that I had to order my celebration drink, Kir Royal. I met an old friend, known as Rob Zilla (if you don’t know Rob Zilla, you must meet him), who became my gracious host of the evening. I was stunned at this gorgeous venue and the décor from an era that remains a legend. I was puzzled as to why I hadn’t visited sooner.

Are you ready to know what the “it” spot is? Let me give you a few hints; Frank Sinatra, Humphrey Bogart, Marilyn Monroe, Sammy Davis Jr.; also known as The Rat Pack. There was another fella who loved golf;  do you remember Bing Crosby? Well, his estate along with Dudum Sports and Entertainment have opened up an old Hollywood era piano lounge and restaurant right here in Fashion Valley called Bing Crosby’s.

The usual classy piano lounge is transformed into a sexy, sophisticated party scene on Thursday nights. Bing Crosby’s has become my new Thursday night hang out. Since my first time, I have made it a ritual to call my girlfriends to have dinner and drinks and listen to fabulous music at Bing Crosby’s on Thursday nights. The drinks will quench your thirst and spark your desire to have fun.

The food is deliciously prepared by Chef Josh Perkins and might I add, reasonably priced for a place that looks like this. The music that is played is the perfect ingredient to make Thursday nights the new Friday night for the smart good-looking crowd of San Diego. They rotate the DJs to keep the music fresh, and every Thursday night the beats are rocked just right.

The Thursday night scene is all about the music; it’s hip hop-r&b-loungy-up beat-mellow, the music is a perfect segway into the weekend. Of course, the crowd is definitely one to mingle with; it’s the young sophisticated San Diegans that makes going to Bing’s that much hotter. Bing Crosby’s is the kind of place where young professionals go to unwind and want to avoid the downtown scene. It’s also the “who’s who” of San Diego’s up and coming musicians, designers and business owners that go to relax and have a drink.

Thursdays are the nights to be there; it feels like a Hollywood Hills party (without the pretension) with the best sound system and everyone sipping on a cocktail, socializing around the fire pit. There are always those on the dance floor that can’t wait to start their weekend. The scene is impressive and is starting to bring a steady following.

No matter what night of the week you visit, you will feel something special. Bing Crosby’s is not just a restaurant, it’s not just a lounge and it’s not just a club. It’s always an experience; a lasting feeling that stays and pulls you in week after week. Jack’s may be gone, but Bing’s is here to stay.

The most memorable thing about Bing’s is the ambiance and the thing about ambiance is the enhancement that music creates. I will not even begin writing about what goes on at Bing Crosby’s during the rest of the week, you’ll have to wait until I write about it, but I’ll leave you with a teaser; Sasha Sundays.

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