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Halloween Ball at the Prado

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So what are you going to be this Halloween – a sexy vampire, a slutty nurse, a leave-speckled Eve, a single guy with drool dripping from his chin? As a woman, I both look forward and detest October 31st.

Having to starve myself to fit into the adorable Playboy Pirate number is excruciating, but the immense joy I get from being such a hot commodity – half-naked, boobs lifted and decorated with about an inch of makeup – is well worth the struggle.

Although Halloween is fun, I can never help but think, “Is walking the streets of Pacific Beach and downtown in only my underwear and stilettos… trashy?” I quickly push away the thought by consoling myself that there’s about a million women doing the exact same thing.

Little did I know my slight insecurity was dead on. Bar hopping, house parties and club events are fun, but there is a classier option out there: the Prado’s annual Halloween Ball. Need I say more?


Hosted by DJHere Productions, the exquisite, historical architecture of Balboa Park’s Prado is transformed into a haunted, ghostly and mystifying manor with an ambiance somewhere in between Las Vegas and a séance.

DJHere’s site rages that Halloween at the Prado is distinct due to its “thirty-foot hand stenciled ceilings, hardwood floors, skylights, a full theatrical stage, outdoor garden and breathtaking Spanish Architecture.”

And unlike other events, the night won’t get stale. Throughout my resume of Halloween escapades, it felt that by hour two the magic of the night was gone and I was just an attention-seeking whore after all.

It doesn’t appear I have that miserable realization to look forward to this year. Halloween Ball is jam-packed with entertainment, including six DJ’s, two especially-themed rooms and a three-category costume contest with a plump $500 prize. Whether I’ll win most creative, best group or best overall has yet to be determined. I’m still undecided if I should do the Lady Gaga MTV Video Awards costume made complete with blood smeared all over my body – or a sexy girl scout. Hmmm… decisions, decisions.

DJHere is ensuring everyone has a good time, outfitting the Ball with twenty bars, loads of free parking spots and indoor/outdoor access so you can walk underneath the stars with that cute Dracula guy.

If you want classy, you’ll get it at the Halloween Ball, but not without paying the price. The slightly steep fee of $55 a ticket may make you do a double take, but living the high life doesn’t come cheap. Not to mention, you’ll get to start every November conversation with “So I went to this ball at Balboa Park…”

Just get the tickets before it’s too late. Halloween Ball is notorious for selling out weeks before the event.

The ball starts at 9 p.m. Don’t be late!

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit www.djhere.com.

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