Restaurant Review – Bleu Boheme in Kensington

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Bleu Boheme - Kensington's French gem

Bleu Boheme - Kensington's French gem

After hearing so many people talk about Bleu Boheme I was excited to visit the corner restaurant, located on the corner of Kensington and Adams in the Kensington neighborhood of San Diego.

A French-inspired restaurant, Bleu Boheme is tucked inside an old stone building, providing well-lit candelabras and an entire wall decorated as a blackboard advising you of numerous menu choices. Upon entering, I found it difficult to choose a seat, since the L shaped layout did not provide a good view of the entire restaurant. There is outside seating available, but that was all taken by the time I arrived at 8 pm.

Grabbing a seat in the very back corner on the right side of the restaurant, I began to ponder over Bleu Boheme’s extensive wine and cocktail menu before deciding to start the night with a Basil Martini. Chopped fresh basil, imported French vodka and a touch of citrus help this adult concoction arrive at a mint green color and was the perfect way to mix up the menu from having ‘just another mojito’ in their realm.

The dining room at Bleu

The dining room at Bleu

I decided to indulge my taste buds by ordering the Les Fromages, or assorted French imported cheeses, and the escargot. Nothing more French than that. Arriving soon was a large cutting board of five various cheeses, surrounded by dried fig terrine and honeycomb. The ‘Monk Head’ shaving from the Swiss Border proved to melt in my mouth and when paired with the honeycomb was utterly divine. Moments later the escargot were sat down on the table and after being ‘oh so careful’ not to pull a Pretty Woman move, I placed it on my dish. Biting into the dish, I was severely disappointed as the dish lacked the garlic flavor reflected on the menu.

Seeing as how the cheese platter set such a great example, I moved on to the warm goat cheese salad, topped with warm goat cheese timbale, marinated goat cheese in herbs and olive oil, toasted brown on a baguette crouton, and a thin slice of sharp goat cheese buchette. A cheese lover’s delight, this dish was excellent and the dairy mixed into the salad perfectly.

On the other side of the table, my guest enjoyed a cup of the daily soup which was a creamy carrot rich with flavor. For a light meal, the soup and salad would have been the end to a nice day. Continuing on, my guest and I plunged our forks into the duck confit, served with a green peppercorn sauce. I swiped out the green beans for some ratatouille and it was also sided with some Bleu Boheme French Fries. The duck confit was moist and tender, needing only the nudge of my fork before it came off the bone. A little bit of green peppercorn sauce paired well and overall I enjoyed the dish. The ratatouille is something I would pass on next time, possessing a little too much tomato sauce for my liking.

Washing down my duck was Muscadet, Marquis De Goulaine 2004, a tangy combination that was a fine choice on that hot summer night. If you’re a meat lover, then the Bleu Boheme menu suggests you try the Hanger Steak, a cut of meat prepared butterflied and topped with a spoonful of lightly caramelized shallots. My guest ordered it up and the caramelized shallots were deliciously soft and tender as they accompanied the beef.

For dessert lovers, the Les Fromages re-appears at the end of the night, as do other sensual treats like crème brulee. Chocolate addicts can indulge in the Bombe au Chocolat, a dark chocolate mousse and marinated cherries or the La Pyramide d’Opera, Glace au Caramel, a pyramid shaped chocolate pastry. Be sure to use your spoon and cut all the way through, where you will be rewarded with a hazelnut bottom.

A Bleu Boheme cappuccino sides nicely and will leave you feeling relaxed all the way home.

Bleu Boheme
4090 Adams Avenue

Plastic: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover
Liquor: Yes
Prices: Moderate. Most dishes range between $14 and $26.
Value: Good
Noise level: Music
Wheelchair access: Yes
Smoking section: Patio

Tuesday Nights – Prixe Fix Menu Available; $22/per person; Three-Course Meal


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