February is National Snack Food Month

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February is National Snack Food Month. Yep, that’s a thing. We love celebrating things in America, and when food is involved, there’s sure to be a following.

It’s been debated whether snacking is better for your metabolism, contributing to weight loss, or if it tends to lead people to eating too much and create unhealthy eating habits. Nutrition communications consultant Jill Weisenberger quiets any myths, but explaining that it’s different for everyone. Our bodies react to different eating patterns and foods in incredibly unique ways, leaving the question of snacking up to an individual participant. Know your body and what helps make you feel your best! 

For those who have found snacking to be a helpful part of their diet, we’ve compiled a list of places to get your snacking fix in San Diego, and some favorite recipes for you to try at home!

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Bowl of Heaven

Snack with a San Diego favorite–acai bowl! Bowl of Heaven in Mira Mesa has ten different bowls to choose from. Choose from their various toppings including fruit, almond butter, hemp flax seed, honey, and delicious dark chocolate. Get energized with their Maq7 Blends, a blend of 7 superfruit and antioxidant berries that they use in several of their bowls. Trade that afternoon coffee in for one of these, and you will be ready to go the rest of the day. 


Head on over to Barrio Logan for a helping of street corn! Conveniently packed in a little plastic cup, this $5 snack is the perfect grab and go item that won’t disappoint. Corn, queso fresco, and chile–what more could you want? Some days you need something a little heartier than a smoothie, and this cup of corn is a great midday snack. 


This hole-in-the-wall Vietnamese walk-up is known for its incredible egg rolls. One Yelp reviewer mentioned order 100 of those little guys for the Super Bowl because they are just that good. If you read through their reviews, everyone can’t stop talking about how these delicious treats are packed with flavor. For just 55 cents each, grab a couple small egg rolls in the middle of the day to get your carb fix.

Coffee & Tea Collective 

Photo Credit: Jeremiah Keith, Flickr-Creative Commons

A newer snack over the last several years is toast. What started in San Francisco migrated its way down to become a phenomenon at coffee shops and cafes all over California. Coffee & Tea Collective has one of the best Avocado Toasts in town, a perfect pairing of thick sourdough bread and delicious avocado. This snack serves as a mini meal and can be found at both their North Park and East Village locations. 

Natural Grocer Snack Bites

Head on over to People’s Organic Co-op Market and grab a snack from their award-winning deli. With healthier choices like a to-go sweet potato dish, to more indulgent choices like brownies, this deli has a handful of solid options to match your snack cravings. Check out their monthly newsletter for snack ideas, recipes, and deals. 

“Jimbo’s …Naturally” is another another natural grocer with 5 locations around San Diego. Stop on by one of their locations and grab all of the ingredients for one of their premier snack recipes. From a Peanut Butter Rainbow Chard wrap to Dragon Fruit Salad with Lime Mint Dressing, these recipes are far from ordinary.

We hope this list helps you make the most of this month’s National Snack Food Month. Happy snacking!

Katrina is an OBcean that spends her time drinking quality coffee and engaging in the community that she lives in.

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