5 Pie Shops to Celebrate International Pi Day

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Math is one subject that is loathed by nearly every kid at some point in their lives. Whether it’s your times tables, fractions or the quadratic equation, math tested our intellect, and sometimes our spirits. It’s time for math to give back.  This March 14th, take advantage of math and celebrate Pi Day. As 3.14 approaches this Tuesday, what better way to celebrate than with pie! Here are some prime places around the city to find a pie and indulge.

Peace Pies

Peace Pies is the perfect place to find delicious vegan pie options. With choices like Cosmic Coconut Cream Pie and Alive Apple Pie, your pie cravings will certainly be satisfied here–and with a little less guilt. Both of these pies are just $5, and you can check the display case in store for more dessert specials. Find a shop in Ocean Beach and Encinitas, as well as a stand at local farmer’s markets in Hillcrest, Little Italy, and Leucadia.

Extraordinary Desserts

This dessert paradise has everything you could possibly want: including pies. They sell individual pies, so you’ll have an excuse not to share with anybody. Choices include the classics like banana cream pie, lemon meringue, French apple pie and coconut cream pie. They’re $9.95 each, and can be ordered online! Head to Little Italy on Tuesday for a truly extraordinary Pi Day experience.

Betty’s Pie Whole

With this clever of a name, it’s hard to imagine getting a bad pie from this place in Encinitas. With both dessert pies and pies you can enjoy for breakfast and lunch, you’ll have a hard time deciding what to order. Head to Betty’s for breakfast and order the “Boyd’s Break-the-Fast pie, which is stuffed with eggs, potato, turkey bacon, sausage and cheddar cheese within a biscuit crust. This breakfast pie can be ordered in an individual size or whole size. For your sweet tooth, order classics like banana cream and blueberry pie, or a more original option like a chocolate cookie dough pie. This shop has choices for everyone.

Village Kitchen & Pie Shoppe

This Carlsbad eatery has sweet and savory selections. Try a tart key lime pie or a chocolate Snickers pie. Stop in on Tuesday for the original favorites like pumpkin and apple.

The Great Maple

The Great Maple of University Heights is known for their apple pie–it comes in an individual size and is topped with spicy American pecans and salted caramel. Order your pie a la mode or add melted Vermont cheddar cheese for a few dollars more. This rich treat is the perfect stop in the city for your Pi Day celebrations.

Along with these great restaurant and bakery options, keep and mind you can always stop by the grocery store for a fresh out of the freezer pie you can bake in the comfort of your own home. But since Pi Day only comes once a year, treat yourself to a gourmet pie at one of these amazing places!

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