Healthy Affordable Meal Options That Make Life Easier

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Life can be tremendously hectic, and often times our healthy habits are the first things to go. We most easily reach for fast food, TV dinners, fattening restaurant chains, and forget to get exercise daily.

There are so many food options that claim to be healthy, but have you ever looked at the labels? Can you find the ingredients at the grocery store or farmers market? Probably not. So what if you could get customized, fresh, healthy, and tasty meals delivered to your door? What if that option cost roughly the same as you spend on groceries and restaurants right now?

Susan’s Healty Gourmet pioneered the concept of fresh, nutritious, and calorie-controlled meals delivered to your door. They have been bringing meals to San Diego, LA, and Orange County for nearly 20 years and as a service to the community, have now developed their Good $ense Menu which offers extremely affordable meals that are healthy for the whole family.

The program was designed by nutritionists with health and taste in mind. It accommodates busy working professionals, seniors, families with young kids, and even diabetics. The menu choices and the variety of tasty options are perfect for everyone from kids through seniors, so if you’re too busy to get a healthy breakfast, lunch, or dinner prepared for your busy family, this could be what you have been waiting for. Meals are offered for lunch and dinner, or all three meals if the client chooses. Menu items vary from week to week, so you won’t get bored.

So often people use the excuse that they are just too busy to eat healthy. Don’t let your health or your family’s heath suffer because of your schedule. With the Good $ense Menu, healthy eating is convenient and affordable, not to mention really easy. Where else do you get meals delivered right to your door?

The menu is approved by nutritionists and maintains the daily nutritional requirements of the American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, and American Diabetic Association. All meals meet all requirements. But despite what you think, they don’t sacrifice taste.

“This new program option is perfect for customers who make affordability and healthy eating priorities, but do not want to sacrifice taste,” said Susan Johnson, founder and CEO of Susan’s Healthy Gourmet.

Company President Kerry Johnson says, “This year there’s even more variation on the menu with more sensitivity to the economic realities our clients face.”

Menu options include parmesan crusted tilapia with lemon asparagus risotto and broccoli; rosemary orange-glazed salmon with risotto, peas and onions; lemon oregano rubbed chicken breast, scalloped potatoes and sugar snap peas; as well as a daily snack selection of fruits, vegetables and baked goods.

Meals are individually packaged and ready for pick-up or delivery throughout Southern California, including San Diego. Orders are really easy to place at www.susanshealthygourmet.com or by calling 888-EZ-MEALS. Once you place your order you’ll get a packaged cooler delivered to your house. They’ll even deliver to your work if you need healthy lunches during the week.

The service and quality can’t be beat; and the level of customization makes the company really unique. Susan’s Healthy Gourmet is not only one of the oldest meal delivery services in Southern California, it is family owned by people who care deeply about their products. The healthy and delicious meals are a great solution for the days or weeks when your calendar leaves you wondering when you will have time to sleep.

San Diego resident for over 10 years, I now call this beautiful city home. Originally from the Bay Area, I'm a California girl at heart. I love the outdoors, fitness, food, and a good craft beer (from San Diego of course).

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