Beer tasting at the Ballast Point Brewery in Scripps Ranch

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The wonderful Beer List at BPB

The wonderful Beer List at Ballast Point Brewery

One day last week on the morning commute into work, Marc and I heard on FM 94/9 about Ballast Point’s beer tasting at the brewery, as their Head Brewer Yuseff Cherney did a tasting with morning show guys Hansen & Tommy.

It was decided after a long, grueling day, slaving away in front of the PC that we needed to unwind to a beer tasting.

Ballast Point Brewery is right inside a small industrial park of Carroll Canyon Road in Scripps Ranch (must be tough avoiding that lunchtime beer if working nearby this place). Inside the tasting room, it is small, quaint and has a very warm feeling to it.

The Bartender (I didn’t catch her name), was very friendly and seemed to know the particulars of the beer very very well.

So the round of tasting is a 4oz glass of 9 different beers, ranging from 3.5 ABV to 10.0 ABV. The order of appearance is after the jump:

  • Wahoo Wheat Beer: Not bad, good taste, a little too light for me.
  • Piper Down Scottish Ale: This looks pretty dark and heavy, but has a nice light taste to it. I liked this one a lot.
  • Yellowtail Pale Ale: Very good, I could drink a lot of this.
  • Calico Amber: full-bodied, nice caramel malt notes and a bit spicy.
  • Even Keel: This was too light for me, but overall a good taste.
  • (Things start to get a little fuzzy for me after this point)
  • Big Eye IPA: Not bad, but not my favorite either.
  • Fathom IPL: Also not bad, just not a huge fan of IPL here.
  • Black Marlin: This was my favorite, by far. Great taste and went down nice and easy.
  • Dorado: Okay, this beer is not really for the taste, it’s 10.0 ABV, this smells and tastes like it’s going to go right to your head quick … really quick.

It took us maybe an hour and a half to drink the tasters, it took a good 9 more hours for it to all wear off.

It was a great time, I plan to return, I encourage everyone to do so.

Ballast Point Brewery (#2)
10051 Old Grove Road, Suite B
Scripps Ranch

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