Sex and the City 2 Ticket sales already Hot

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Sex and the City 2 opens Thursday, May 27, 2010.

What happens after you say “I do”?

Ladies, cocktail lovers, and fashion fanatics, grab your best girlfriends and your favorite pair of shoes, because the sequel to our favorite movie comes out in a month!

You may want to plan ahead and purchase your tickets early, as tickets have begun selling more than six weeks before the movie’s release. According to ABC News, tickets have been selling at a “brisk” pace. Sex and the City 2 is even outselling films that are just days away from release and films that are already out, such as ‘Kick-Ass’.

The first movie grossed more than $415 million at the box office and experts anticipate the sequel to do even better.

We can expect all major characters to return as well as a few new faces to grace the screen. Penelope Cruz, Miley Cyrus, Mariah Carey and Heidi Klum among others will make an appearance in the film.

The first teaser trailer premiered in December 2009, not revealing much about the story other than that 2 years after the first movie, the four friends get away on vacation. In the first trailer, it appears that all is well. However, the extended trailer was released on April 8th, revealing more conflict and questions.

Charlotte, who at the end of the last movie was pregnant and loving life, is now in need of a break from motherhood. Samantha, who broke up with Smith in the first movie, seems to be back to her normal self, on the prowl for sexy men in and out of New York. As far as the preview reveals, Miranda also seems her usual self, busy juggling her job and her family. However, as we have learned from season after season of the HBO show, Sex and the City is full of surprises.

After watching the extended trailer, the real shocker is not a new character but a familiar and much loved character making his way into the sequel. See for yourself:

That’s right, Aidan is back and it seems that the sequel will be full of fun and dangerous temptations. If you haven’t seen all six seasons of Sex and the City, I highly recommend doing so before the big sequel makes its debut next month. It’s important to understand that Aidan Shaw is not just another handsome man to grace Sex and the City.

The Sex and the City 2 soundtrack, featuring Alicia Keys, Jennifer Hudson, Leona Lewis and Liza Minelli, will be released May 25, two days before the movie opens. Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, and Cynthia Nixon will prove that they can do more than act—they can sing as well. The album will feature the quad singing Helen Reddy’s “I am Woman.”

On May 27th, get ready to “Carrie on”, San Diego!

*Photo by ‘ChrisGampat’ via Flickr

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