Two New Songs From by Lana Del Rey’s New Album ‘Lust For Life’

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Earlier this year, Lana Del Rey released a couple new songs from her upcoming album titled, ‘Lust for Life.’ She just shared two more with a summer theme and you don’t want to miss them. The songs, ‘Summer Bummer’ and ‘Groupie Love,’ feature talented artists and are expected to be playing on repeat until the rest of her album comes out.

The first song, ‘Summer Bummer,’ was produced by Boi-1Da and features appearances from both Playboi Carti and A$AP Rocky. ‘Summer Bummer’ is supposed to be a sequel to her famed and well-known, ‘Summertime Sadness.’ It is presumably about a secret lover, and her passion for hip-hop music. ‘Summer Bummer’ is both unique and catchy, especially with Rocky’s additive background beats throughout the song and element of rapping. This song can only be listened to on Spotify at the moment.

The following song on her album that she just released is called, “Groupie Love,” and surprisingly, is even more sad than the previous ‘Summer Bummer.’ However, Lana’s whimsical and dreamy vocals are endearing and powerful. It also features raw and romantic vocals from just Rocky and Lana, which make the painful scenario in the song come to life. ‘Groupie Love’ is about how she is in love with a rockstar, but claims that rockstars can’t have girlfriends. Therefore, she is left heartbroken. Somehow, Lana romanticizes the depressing situation and makes the melody sound meditative despite the suffering.

You can listen to ‘Groupie Love’ on YouTube here:

Lana’s fourth album, ‘Lust For Life,’ officially comes out this coming July 21. With the songs she released from the album thus far, we are expecting a promising future for the rest of the album. Nevertheless, the rest of her album is destined to influence more “summertime sadness” and bring tears due to her heartbreaking lyrics and distressing melodies.

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