Shania Twain’s New Songs

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15 years later, and Shania Twain is making a come back like never before. Twain just debuted a couple new songs on NBC’s Today Show Friday morning on June 16. She plans to release the full new album titled, Now, in September. She sang  “Swingin’ With My Eyes Closed” and “Life’s About to Get Good” on the Today Show and got us more excited than ever for the future album.

Twain not only sang at the Today Show, but she also co-hosted to celebrate the new album. She started off the concert with “Swingin With My Eyes Closed,” and it was the first time she ever performed it. Her ageless beauty radiated the crowd as she performed this unique song. Even though the audience didn’t know the words, people were dancing and smiling as they watched her perform this new and catchy country song.

Next, she sang “Life’s About to get Good,” and introduced the song by shouting, “Now it’s time to get happy! Twain actually performed this song at StageCoach, where she expressed the obstacles she has faced. At StageCoach, she said that this song was representative of these obstacles, but that things would get better. The catchy song was filled of lighthearted and inspirational lyrics, such as, “Life’s about joy!”

In addition to the two new songs, Twain also sang some of her classic songs that we all know and love. She sang both “Man! I Feel Like a Woman” and “That Don’t Impress Me Much,” which had the audience jumping for joy and singing in unison. Also, some of the audience even got to play Shania Twain trivia.

The official album comes out on September 29, 2017. The last album she released was Up! back in 2002. SD Entertainer will keep you posted on Twain’s progress and let you know if she releases any new songs.

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