Saosin at Warped Tour

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Provided by 'Confront Magazine' via Flickr

Provided by 'Confront Magazine' via Flickr

Recently attending this year’s Warped Tour, the Entertainer was lucky to catch up with the band Saosin and get an exclusive interview with some of the members of the band.

Saosin had just attended the last four days of Warped Tour and loved every minute of it. Just coming off the recent recording of their new album, In Search of Solid Ground, (set to release on Sept. 8, 2009) Saosin was in high spirits.

John Feldman and Butch Walker, who’ve worked with Pink, Good Charlotte, The Used, Story of the Year, Seven Dust, and Fall out Boy collaborated with Saosin on their new album.

Saosin’s album has been praised in Rolling Stone, LA Times and Alternative press and is making noise with its powerful artistry.

Catching up with Saosin, we popped some questions that many fans may want to know about them and their music. Saosin also talks about their trials and tribulations on the Warped Tour, including faulty equipment and bad transportation. They also share an overall sense of what it is like to be on tour.

They talk about the creation of their new album, what it means to them, and how it got its name. How it was to work with such large producers, and how they love San Diego, saying, “that this has been their best stop on Warped Tour thus far.”

The guys were very laid back and seemed eager to answer questions. Even when some of the questions went a little deeper, the boys from Saosin did not disappoint.

Below is the video from the boys of Saosin and some of their insight on Warped Tour, their album, and music in general.

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