Recap of Stay Classy’s “Elemental Experience” in Mission Bay Park

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May 2nd’s Elemental Experience was a large festival thrown by the budding organization known as Stay Classy. The non-profit sought to help with the growing problem of homeless youth, and the Elemental Experience was their launch pad for that goal.

Consisting of numerous art stands from local artists, live art, food, a beer garden, and a main stage for the musicians, The Elemental Experience was just that – an experience. The elements in the festival led to an amazingly awesome spectacle in San Diego. With bands such as Matisyahu, Mason Jennings, Pinback, Bassnectar, Pete and J, Dirty Sweet, and Jay Nash, it rivaled the greatest of festivals we’ve had in the area. Along with the music lay a beer garden in the back, with live human foosball being sponsored by Go-Vavi, and fashion shows along the runway of the solar powered stage, the Elemental Experience had everything a festival enthusiast could look for.

Going from Noon to about 10 p.m., The Elemental Experience was filled with non-stop entertainment. If this is a glimpse of what is to come in this event, then the future looks promising.

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