Local Music Alliance Play List Vol. 4 Debuts

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The Entertainer’s Local Music Alliance Play List Vol.4 was released Monday, February 1st.

Billy Cardinal featured on the Local Music Alliance Vol. 4

Billy Cardinal featured on the Local Music Alliance Vol. 4

The fourth edition of the play list features another great variety of ten local songs from local artists free for download. The local music alliance program was started last September as part of the Entertainer’s effort to support the thriving local music scene.

Download Playlist Vol. 4 featuring The Fascination, Helen Earth Band, The Napoleon Complex, Westfire, Billy Cardinal, Gran Sasso, Family Wagon, Trains and Clouds, Brandy Alexander, and Project: Out of Bounds.

The Entertainer has hosted an eclectic group of local artists on each local play list. From solo songstresses to hard rockers, the Local Music Alliance is bridging the gap. While the playlist gives artists an opportunity for exposure, they also get the chance to compete and win a great marketing package to advance their career.

Ping Music Group sponsors the Entertainer Local Music Alliance because they understand how tough it is for the local artist to make it in today’s market. Every playlist features a poll for locals to vote for their favorite song. The winners of each playlist are invited to a special battle of the bands concert where expert judges reward the best performance.

The winners of the final battle of the bands get a $5,000 marketing package from Ping Music Group!

There is certainly something special going on in the San Diego music scene. Locals that are on Twitter watch the artists work to distribute their music digitally and get people to come to their shows. The Entertainer continues to support these artists and urge them to follow on Twitter.

Every week we feature a local shows article where we point out spots where you can catch our San Diego greats. North Park is bursting at the seams with night after night of interesting artists. You’re now catching all types of music in Downtown and even Pacific Beach.

Next time you catch a local band you enjoy live don’t be afraid to buy their CD and put their band bumper sticker on the back of your car. Together we can encourage the people of San Diego to pay more attention to our local artists who are working hard to earn your respect. If San Diego can become known like Seattle was in the “grunge era,” imagine the possibilities.

The next battle of the bands is coming so please stay tuned!

The Entertainer’s Local Music Alliance needs your support, please share the play list you download with your friends. Get started, download the play list here.


Meet Children of Nova the Winners of the Local Music Alliance Play List Vol. 1 in their special acoustic performance:

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