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It has been said that the best way to learn about a culture and its people is to listen to and study their music. One of my favorite cultures comes from the country of India which is known for its delicious food, ancient origins and legendary music. Indian Classical Music is very provocative and exotic. There are two main sub-genres of Indian classical music which are Hindustani and Carnatic music.

Photo from Hekerui via Flickr

Photo from Hekerui via Flickr

One of the most famous Hindustani musicians is the father of Norah Jones, Ravi Shankar. He plays the beautiful string instrument, the sitar. When I’ve listened to the sitar being played, it felt like chords in my heart were strum. Sitar was the gateway to my love affair with Indian Classical Music.

Carnatic music is the other main sub-genre and also invokes emotions of divinity through its sound. Carnatic music concertos are designed for artists to sing. This is a very traditional style of music and the compositions stem from various ragas. This style of music can only be truly appreciated by listening to a live performance.

If you’ve never seen a live performance, your chance has arrived. The Indian Fine Arts Academy of San Diego has invited the Hyderabad Brothers to perform this Friday, October 30th.

The Hyderabad Brothers are a famous Indian duo that sings Carnatic music. I had the honor of interviewing them who told me their inspiration is fueled by their rich musical lineage. The Hyderabad Brothers’ great grandfather was the direct descendant of Tyagaraja, who was one of the Trinity of Carnatic music.

Tyagaraja and his two contemporaries were responsible for the development of the South Indian Classical Music tradition. The Hyderabad Brothers received their training when they were children, from their father, who was also musically talented. They have performed at countless events and have received many prestigious music awards.

In the Indian Classical Music tradition, music and spirituality are married. The Hyderabad Brothers said that Carnatic lyrics are sung by enlightened souls who express love and devotion for the divine through music; music is considered an offering to the Deity. They explained that when Carnatic music is sung, the deep spiritual experience that the singer feels transcends to the audience who become mesmerized.

They said that music is something that calms the soul and is a very meditative art. When asked what music meant to them, their answer was simple: life. Music is everything to them. Their drive is not something that comes and goes; their passion is a living tradition that stays with them every moment of their existence.

The Indian Fine Arts Academy of San Diego has invited the Hyderabad Brothers to perform at the Neurosciences Institute in La Jolla, Friday October 30th at 7:30pm.

The Indian Fine Arts Academy of San Diego is a non profit organization. Their goal is to promote Indian Classical Music in San Diego. They have a reputation for the quality of their Indian Classical Music performers and practitioners to be the best in the world.

They are the only organization in the West Coast that has an Indian Classical Music festival each spring. To purchase a ticket for the Hyderabad Brothers concert you can visit . If you are looking for something unique to do in San Diego you will be impressed by this concert. I’ve experienced live Indian Classical Music, and I must say it has a sound that penetrates the soul and is a mind opening experience.

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