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DJ ViceIf your ears need a quick pick me up or you just want to listen to some awesome music go to and be prepared to move.  It doesn’t matter what you’re doing and what time of day you’re doing it, if Vice airwaves is blasting through your speakers, then your energy is up and your body is moving, maybe even pulsating.

The San Diego Entertainer had the opportunity to experience DJ Vice recently at San Diego’s popular nightclub, Sidebar. Sidebar crowded on a Wednesday showed promising signs of a good and eventful night. Ensuring to arrive early enough to hear and witness the change in energy from one DJ to the next was crucial, as I wanted to see if the crowd would even notice that the DJ changed. Well, his presence was recognized and as soon as Vice took over, every one hit the dance floor and started dancing in what little space they could.

Never sticking to one genre, Vice mixed a variety of old and new music into his set and he did it smoothly. Not once was there a moment that the crowd stopped moving, in fact, as the night went on the crowd got more excited and thrilled to hear the next mix. Some might argue the alcohol helped with the excitement, but we all know the truth… it was the music.

But who is the man behind the laptop?  Prior to his performance at Sidebar we were able to get to know Vice a little better with an exclusive interview.

SDE:  What was your most memorable performance?
DJ Vice: I have had so many highlights in my 20 years of DJn. Most recently I just finished a 6 country tour of Asia and really felt how many fans I am touching with my bi-weekly podcast “Vice Airwaves.” People who don’t even speak the same language as me understand my message.

SDE:  How do you compare to other high profiled DJs?
DJ Vice: I don’t ever try to compare myself to other DJs…I just do my thing and respect what other high profile DJs are doing around me. I definitely pay attention to where the scene is going and not only keep up but make sure my sound and style are consistent.

SDE: What other profession would you pursue if it was time to stop DJing?
DJ Vice: If someone pulled the plug on my DJ career I would definitely still be involved in music day in and out. I have always been interested in placing music in movies and commercials.

SDE:  What advice would you give aspiring DJs?
DJ Vice: Besides the typical “Follow Your Dreams” I would also add “Know Your Brand.” Yes we are all DJs but what makes you different? Why are fans gonna follow you and your style when another DJ may sound just like you? Use who you are and what you’re about to attract new fans and keep the ones who follow you. Because at the end of the day it’s about giving to them each and every night.

A little more about DJ Vice:

He began DJ-ing at the age of 12 and received his first big break DJ-ing for LA’s biggest hip hop station Power 106. In 2002 he became a resident, and is still a resident for TAO in Las Vegas. He has performed in: Shanghai, London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Norway, Germany and Istanbul – while conquering LA, LV, NY and Miami in the states. To learn more about DJ Vice or to listen to his music visit


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