Entertainer Exclusive: Rising Rapper KYLE Talks New Album and Filming The After Party

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By: Victoria Moorwood

KYLE’s rocket to the big leagues is taking off, and you’re going to want to do yourself a favor and hop on. The multi-talented hip-hop artist previously known as K.i.D. and SuperDuperKyle first entered the game by releasing mixtapes, starting in 2010, and has been making meaningful strides forward with every passing year. In 2016, KYLE gained nationwide attention when “iSpy,” featuring Lil Yachty, peaked at number 4 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and when he was named one of the ten 2017 XXL Freshman the very next year.

This year, he’s released his debut studio album, Light of Mine, which features artists Kehlani, 2 Chainz, Khalid, Alessia Cara and more. He also played the main character, Owen, in the recently released Netflix original film, The After Party, alongside Wiz Khalifa, Teyana Taylor, French Montana and Blair Underwood. To celebrate his new album, he’s embarking on The Lightspeed World Tour with singer Marc E. Bassy, kicking off Oct. 8 in San Francisco. 

VM: What was filming The After Party like? As a rapper did you identify with the main character in any way?

K: Filming The After Party was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. Acting is no joke! Owen was a kid that was trying to make it in the internet era of rap. I was that kid trying to make it in that era, too. I felt I knew Owen pretty well.

VM: Congrats on Light of Mine coming out this year. What went into picking the features and the lyrical/structural conception of the project?

K: Thank you! All the features on the album came along naturally. Everyone who is featured is all people I like to consider my friends. This project was a reflection of what I was feeling—in a dark place looking for a light.

VM: If you had to pick a few, which songs on the album are your favorite or were the most fun to record?

K: I love “Ikuyo,” “Zoom” goes hard, and “Open Doors” is a record that is close to my heart. I mean, I love all the songs on my album [laughs]. It’s an overall bop!

VM: What was performing at Coachella like and how did bringing out Chance the Rapper happen?

K: Performing at Coachella is like getting invited to play on the big kids’ court. You have always seen it, but you can’t just show up and play. When you can get on the court, it’s the best festival you can do. Chance is a homie! I hit him up and he was super down to do it. What up, Chance!

VM: Is there anywhere on your Lightspeed World Tour you’ve never been before and are excited to go to?

K: I’m excited to go across the world to play my new music and meet my fans. Europe, Asia, Australia! It’s wild that my music has spread across the world. I’m ready to meet my fans across the globe.

VM: How did bringing Marc E. Bassy on tour with you come about, and what will he add to your shows?

K: Marc E. Bassy is gonna bring a great vibe to the show. He’s amazing and a dope friend of mine.

VM: What can fans expect at one of your shows?

K: They are going to have the time of their lives. It’s going to be an experience that they will be able to tell their kids about.

You can catch KYLE perform live on Nov. 15 at SOMA in San Diego. This guy’s career is about to blast off, don’t miss him in concert.

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