Artist Spotlight: Lindsay Perry

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By: Victoria Moorwood

It’s not often that a singer possesses vocals that are both hauntingly captivating and also confidently badass. Lindsay Perry has both and she butters them over foot-tapping bluesy tunes and electrifying guitar riffs.

Hailing from Satellite Beach, Florida but quickly making San Diego her home, Perry is a triple-threat with an alluring, raspy voice who divides her time between singing and songwriting, professionally surfing and modeling for Billabong. Her new single released Friday follows her sophomore album The Dark Revival, which debuted at #1 on the iTunes Blues Chart late last year.

The bluesy new song “Bad Man’s World” features Perry’s signature eerie and enchanting voice over lyrics that were inspired while living in Ventura.

“I had learned more about mental health facilities closing doors in the ‘80s and that attributed to a lot of the homeless population, so that kind of got a creative writing piece going for me,” she says.

Perry began playing guitar and writing music at 14 years old and released her first album, L.O.V.E., in 2015. Her single “Dancin’ with the Devil,” off her debut album caught widespread attention when it was chosen to be featured on the Marvel/Netflix show Jessica Jones, Season 2. While L.O.V.E. showcased lovesick bluesy tunes, her chart-topping second album, The Dark Revival, unearthed a more troubled, powerful narrative.

The Dark Revival was a bit of a coming-of-age piece for me,” Perry says. “I had lost my mom, step-sister and aunt in the same five weeks. So, I think what I really wanted to get out of that album was just to get the last and final throws out, close that door and continue moving forward with something new.”

Lindsay Perry courtesy of Pacific Records

And with that step toward something new, “Bad Man’s World” was born. While Perry’s inspiration for the single came from learning about injustices while living in Ventura, she says living in San Diego has also had an influence on her music and her other passions.

“There’s so much to love about San Diego,” Perry says. “Coming from Florida, it has been fun to see all of the different cultural aspects in California that we may not always get to see back home.”

Being a professional surfer, Perry calls living on the Pacific “a huge blessing.” She started surfing at 16 years old and began practicing the sport professionally as a sponsored flow team rider at 19. She was picked up by Billabong at 22 and professionally models for the brand. Now, when she has time, Perry enjoys surfing in Oceanside and Encinitas.

Looking ahead for the budding artist, Perry says a third album, tour, and more shows are in the works. She recently performed at the Belly Up Tavern supporting Brothers Gow and at the Soda Bar opening for Reuben and the Dark. She’ll be performing again at the Belly Up Tavern in September.

Although Perry says her upcoming album’s formulation was a bit spontaneous, the growth in songwriting and newfound authority in her voice shown in “Bad Man’s World” prove that the third project will be epic and possibly another chart-topper.

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