Malashock Dance Presents ‘Surface Tension’

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Malashock’s fall performance, Surface Tension, holds true to the company’s motto of “putting emotion into motion.” Audiences will be enchanted by a series of short pieces that are both physically challenging and emotionally arousing.

SurfaceTensionThe debut of the fall show will consist of three pieces, After Dust (a world premiere choreographed by John Malashock), Apologies from the Lower Deck (choreographed by John Malashock) and Wayward Glances (world premiere choreographed by Michael Mizerany).

After Dust features three sections that communicate a parallel between the state of houses and that of personal relationships. Each requires a great deal of work to maintain and each suffers with a lack of loving attention and commitment to repair and rebuild. Houses seem to always be either in a state of decline, improvement or, briefly, a period of relative stability.

Apologies from the Lower Deck was originally produced in 1991 by Malashock and playwright Michael Erickson. This dance play tells a comical and tragic story of five cousins taking a surrealistic journey to their distant homeland. The story is highly entertaining, yet soulful, and the score by Mark Atterby creates an ideal environment for the five eccentric dancers. Ron Choularton, one of San Diego’s finest actors, relates the story from within the action – alternating as narrator and voice of the cousins.

Wayward Glances is Michael Mizerany’s first piece of choreography to be performed by the Malashock Dance Company. Utilizing the haunting vocals of German counter-tenor, Klaus Nomi, high-energy partnering and a vibrant movement vocabulary, the piece will catapult the audience into a world of brazen and unyielding physicality.

Surface Tension
Presented by Malashock Dance
Oct. 10 at 8 p.m.
Oct. 11 at 7 p.m.
Tickets: $14-$28

Lyceum Theatre main stage, 79 Horton Plaza (in downtown San Diego)
Box Office: (619) 544-1000

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