La Vie Dance and Culture Events

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The La Vie Dance and Culture events brings art, dance, and culture together as one whole experience for the youth to take part in. This is a place of self expression, culture and history that can be learned through workshops and exhibits. The La Vi Dance and Culture events hosts a significant amount of workshops throughout the month, so that everyone can discover their artistic talents, and receive exercise through intricate dance.

There are studios that groups and teachers can rent, so that everyone can further their experience in self expression through movements and music. One of the classes that is offered, is on Thursdays from 7pm-8pm is the Samba Class. With Brazil native Renata Secco of São Paulo. Samba dancing is full of rhythm and is native to African people in Brazil, making it popular in many Latin American countries.

If you want to get involved in a new activity with your significant other, this beginner friendly course of the tango will be the perfect introduction. Feel comfortable in a safe space of practice for dance, and learn how to move your body into crisp movements, with the company of your partner. You don’t have to be a  beginner to be a part of the activity. Come share your expert dance style with other students who are just learning the beautiful dance of the tango. Anyone can be a part of the fun for $10, and you will gain more knowledge on this dance, and will create new friendships with other students as well.

There are options for little ones too, such as the monthly KIDS Musical Theatre Dance Workshop that will give your children insight into the world of theatre. This two hour class will teach your children the basic dance moves that will give them a platform for their musical theatre passion. They will be allowed to use their own creativity that will be complimented by their balanced dance movements. After your children have their intensely fun workshop, they will put on a special performance for you, at 6pm that night. This will be your child’s favorite thing to look forward to every month, and you will smile watching your little one dance their heart out.

Along with dancing and culture, La Vie Dance provides yoga classes on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday.

There are different forms of yoga available, such as yoga shred, vinyasa yoga, reggae and yin yoga. Engage you body and soul into the movements of yoga, and relax your muscles while gaining strength. Each yoga class has different specialties that you can choose from, allowing you to either pump up your energy, or to connect with your inner thoughts allowing yourself to relax and breathe.

These are just a few creative activities that the La Vie Dance studio can provide you with, allowing you to choose what you are most passionate about. Discover your love your dance and artistic freedom through movements, and the ability to think clearly and freely. There is no better place to learn your strengths, and to polish your creative spirit.

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