Trailer For New Netflix Series ‘Mindhunter’

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The first ever trailer for the Netflix original series, ‘Mindhunter,’ directed by David Fincher is finally here. By the looks of the trailer, we can imagine that the series is going to be creepy, but interesting and binge-worthy.

David Fincher’s ‘MindHunter’ is actually based on the book called ‘Mind Hunter: Inside’s FBI’s Elite Serial CrimeUnit by Mark Olshaker and John E. Douglas. In the book, Olshaker and Douglas follow Jonathan Groff and Holt McCallant as FBI agents who must dig deeper into the minds of serial killers in order to solve epic mysteries.

Judging from the trailer alone, this is going to be a thrilling series and Fincher-esque. Considering Fincher is known for films like ‘Fight Club,’ ‘Seven,’ and ‘Gone Girl,’ we can assume that it’s going to be a series worth seeing, to say the least. We also can assume that you might get a couple nightmares while watching.

In the trailer, there are pictures of women who have been lashed, and serial killers who are being questioned by the FBI agents. One of the serial questions said, “it’s not easy butchering people, it’s hard work. Physically and mentally, I don’t think people realize.” A woman in the trailer also said that what the agents are doing is virtually impossible, considering serial killers strongly believe that nothing is wrong with them.

Some of the actors in this new Netflix series include Anna Torf as Wendy, Jonathon Groff asHolden Ford, and Holt McCallany as Bill Tench.

Watch the first official trailer to take a closer to look.

Warning: you might get a little bit freaked out. 

The series will come out this coming October 2013 and has already confirmed a second season. SD Entertainer will let you know if any more trailers come out or if there are any further updates about ‘Mindhunters.’

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