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In today’s economic climate, there are a few important things one must consider to truly get the most out of life. One such area is finance. After the events of the past few years, many of our thousands of readers and, as it turns out, most people are worried about their financial wellbeing and are not sure of the best tactics to guarantee future economic stability and success.

To address this massive request for help and education, The Entertainer & Lifestyles Magazine has partnered with a top local financial expert to provide ongoing financial advisories. Steve Sexton of the Sexton Advisory Group is one of the premier professionals in the financial industry. He is a well-respected speaker on the subject, having spoken with thousands of Southern Californians over the past several years. Steve is also a Director of the non-profit Financial Knowledge Institute, founded specifically to provide critical information and guidance for consumers on this important topic. Steve is also accredited by the National Ethics Bureau. To receive this accreditation requires a very thorough background and reference check, all the way down to a person’s driving record.

Watch Steve Sexton on Entertainer & Lifestyles T.V., Sundays at 11p on Channel 4 and watch weekly tips below.

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Steve explains that, “The correct course of action to properly address one’s financial future is like building a house; it is critical to discover your needs first, and then build the proper plan. Learning the right questions to ask before moving forward is absolutely critical.”

After properly evaluating a client’s economic situation and long term goals, the team at the Sexton Advisory Group answers questions specific to each client’s needs and only then provides advice to be sure they are headed down the path to a strong financial future. Steve tells us, “It is absolutely essential that people clearly understand their specific situation before they can begin to make intelligent decisions in terms of any financial or investment products. Research and experience have clearly shown a very high level of frustration by people who have made decisions that weren’t completely tied to their individual situation. Because there are so many things that can be affected, not the least of which are tax ramifications.”

Steve also shares that is critical to monitor and facilitate necessary changes as financial situations change. “A person must understand that financial and retirement goals change, and there must be a commitment to maintaining or changing the strategies as to ensure the best possible future for each client and their family,” he states. “Most financial advisors only focus on helping clients accumulate assets. But our job should to help you get a handle on your true needs and desires, to help you avoid financial problems in your retirement years and your estate plan.”

As part of the Entertainer’s continued commitment to San Diego’s financial wellbeing, Steve Sexton will continue to contribute and provide financial advice to our readers. Steve explains, “There are a lot of ways that we can all benefit by becoming more aware of our financial situations. I’m looking forward to providing ongoing financial advice on each Entertainer & Lifestyles TV show, plus at sdentertainer.com.”

For more information on the Sexton Advisory Group or to speak with an advisor about your financial goals, contact Steve Sexton at steve@sextonadvisorygroup.com or call 951-695-8810.

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