Vaping may soon be regulated in San Diego; E-Cig proposals go before City Council

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eciglaws5Following in the wake of a similar laws passed in San Diego County, the City Council is considering regulations concerning the sale and use of electronic cigarettes in the city. Two ordinances for the control of “vaping”  passed through the Safety Committee this past Wednesday, June 18; and have been sent to the full Council for debate and voting.

The Public Safety and Livable Neighborhoods Committee has stated that the purpose of the legislation is to establish reasonable rules that would allow adults to use electronic cigarettes in a safe way in locations where children are not present. In addition, the ordinances are meant to restrict access and use by those under 18 years old. San Diego police would be able to enforce current state laws that apply to the sale of e-cigs to minors.

Under the laws being considered, retailers would be obliged to get permits from the San Diego Police in order to sell the electronic devices. The sale of associated paraphernalia and vaping juices in vending machines would not be allowed. Ads and promotions in public areas would be restricted.eciglaws3

In essence, the sale and use of e-cigs would come under similar laws as those that govern tobacco. Vaping would not be allowed at parks or beaches, in public transportation, in theaters, sports venues, restaurants or bars. No restrictions would apply to using e-cigareets in homes, vaping lounges or shops, or private vehicles.

Those who support e-cigs claim their use has gotten people to quit smoking the more dangerous tobacco products they emulate, and therefore they should not be regulated in the same manner nor in the same places as tobacco.

eciglaws4Meanwhile, recent studies show the online sale and marketing of vapor inhaling devices has grown tremendously. Ten new brands and 240 new flavors come out each month. As of January of this year, more than 460 different brands of e-cigs existed. Each one has a website of its own. More than 7,000 different flavors are available and restrictions on the sale of the devices to minors via the internet are non-existent in most cases.

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