UCSD again number one university in US as rated by Washington Monthly

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UCSD2For five years in a row now, the University of California at San Diego has been named the highest ranked institute of higher learning in the country. Washington Monthly, a journal of colleges and all things concerning them revealed their list in the latest issue.

After collecting 36 months worth of information on every university in the nation, three areas are used to rank the schools. These topics of rating are service to America, the encouraging of high level scholastic accomplishments, centers on doctoral programs, and diversity across cultural and income-level boundaries.

Unlike polls that rank the most exclusive schools, the Washington Monthly list rewards the programs that accommodate lower-income students, assisting both financially, socially and academically; and that make a point of contributing to the community where the school is set.UCSD3

For the purposes of the annual poll, the Monthly uses five divisions of schools: elite schools that remain affordable to a sizable portion of the general population, liberal arts schools, universities specializing in master’s degrees, those known for their baccalaureate programs and nation-wide colleges. UCSD ranked number one among the 275 schools in the national group. Impressively, the Tritons were the only program to score a perfect score.

According to Pradeep K. Khosla, chancellor of UCSD, the most important aspect of the accomplishment, and that for which the school is most proud, is the high marks giving the UCSD contributions to the community for the good of the public.

UCSD1Six of the University of California schools were listed in the top twenty schools, with eight in the first 100. One current importance of these ratings and other like them is the federal governments proposed ranking of American higher learning institutions, due to come out later in 2014. It is believed that similar categories will be used to assess the success of all the schools in the land, and future federal aid could be based on the White House’s list.

Congratulation to UCSD! Just another reason to be proud of our fair town.

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