The Aftermath Of The Las Vegas Shooting

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In the late hours of October 1st, attendees of the Route 91 music festival in Las Vegas were interrupted by a stream of gunfire from a room high up in the Mirage resort and hotel. Shortly after the festival grounds erupted into pure chaos, with thousands running for safety and trying to find cover from the barrage of bullets being fired into the crowds. At the end of the madness, 59 people lost their lives, and over 500 people were injured. At a time when our country is grieving and mourning this horrendous and senseless act of violence, the people of America have truly come together in solidarity, providing support to the victims.

The morning after the shooting, Las Vegas residents lined up in droves at blood donation centers. With the high amount of attendees injured in the shooting, blood supply was short for such a high influx of patients needing care. Within the day, Las Vegas hospitals had more blood than needed, greatly exceeding capacity. Hospitals and the victims who were in need of blood transfusions were extremely grateful to the community, who came together to do what they could in the direct aftermath of the shooting.

Charitable funds were announced by organizations across the country, in support of the victims affected by the shooting. A GoFundMe started by Steve Sisolak, the Clark County Commission Chair from Las Vegas, has already raised $10,407,102 by over 80,000 donors. The total goal of the fundraiser is to raise $15,000,000, and is well on it’s way to reaching it. The funds raised will go towards helping provide relief and financial support for the victims of the shooting.

Jason Aldean, the country music star who was performing at the main stage when the shooting started, visited the hospital a week later where many of the injured concert goers were being treated. Accompanied by his wife, Aldean spent time with those who were critically injured. His presence was greatly appreciated by the patients of the hospital. In a Facebook post by the University Medical Center of Southern Nevada, they said, “Our extreme gratitude to Country Music Star Jason Aldean for visiting UMC today. Jason spent time with our patients who were critically injured during the Las Vegas shooting. His visit helped heal hearts and cheer those who were wounded in this tragedy. #vegasstrong”. In addition, patients have been treated to therapy dogs to keep them company and relieve stress.

Matt Hillman, a student at California State University, San Marcos, was in attendance at the festival when the shooting began. When the chaos erupted among the concert goers, he knew he had to do what he could to protect his girlfriend and get her to safety. He along with his girlfriend and group of friends made it out safely without any injuries. Matt said that, “I will not let the actions of a madman erase the memories I have made here with my friends. I refuse to live in fear and give this man any shred of satisfaction for what he did. I am just glad my friends and I are safe”

The horrific actions perpetuated in Las Vegas will forever be remembered by this nation. As citizens of this country, we must come together in the coming times to spread love and positivity, and do what we can to lift up the victims of the event, and honor those who lost their lives.

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