Snake discovered on plane

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Who said that fictional movies can’t transition to reality?

On Sunday, the “Snakes on a Plane” narrative became all too familiar for the passengers on an Aeromexico flight¬†after green viper -a reptile endemic of the Sri Lanka region- was seen falling to the ground after wriggling out of a notch next to an overhead compartment.

The Aeromexico flight was en route to Mexico City from a town in Mexico’s northern region when a passenger noticed the venomous snake protruding between the ceiling and the luggage compartment before eventually falling to the floor.

In what can be described as a moment of stoic bravery, the flight attendants and passengers used blankets to construct a makeshift boundary from the snake, which trapped the reptile in between five to six rows. The plane landed approximately 10 minutes later after it was given a priority landing designation in Mexico City.

Eventually, animal control boarded the plane and took control of the situation after subduing the snake while the passengers exited through the emergency exit.

No injuries were reported during or after the flight.

While many green vipers are found in southern India, the generic species is found all over the world. The green pit viper can be easily distinguished amongst the viper family through its bright green scales. Furthermore, scientists have found that the sub species will certainly bite upon feeling threatened.

Aeromexico released a statement that the issue is still pending investigation while figuring out a solution to make sure the incident will not become a repeated occurrence.

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