Ryan Braun’s Marriage Proposal from Fan

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Ryan Braun who plays outfield for the Milwaukee Brewers is the star player on this team, and last week the team rewarded him with a huge $105 million contract extension, which he signed. The after effects of all this news led to a surge of more female fans with marriage proposals for him.

It never seems to get old, seeing a female fan in the stands holding a “will you marry me (name of superstar athlete)?”

But there was one female fan that did something unique in an attempt to separate herself from the rest of them. This female fan actually had her cell phone number printed on her marriage proposal poster board at a recent game with the hopes that this strategy would actually pay off in garnering the attention of her target: Ryan Braun.

The strategy did end up working. The female fan known as “Robin” ended up getting more than 200 phone calls and 600 text messages from other fans who were watching the game as reported by a Fox sports reporter who interviewed her.

Her reasoning…she just thought it was a great idea at the time. What she didn’t realize then, was just how much attention she would get from other people around the nation watching the game. Due to the flood of phone calls and text messages from viewers and fans at the game, Robin ended up turning her cell phone.

Oh the irony of the situation.

Star Ryan Braun, who already has a girlfriend, heard about this female fan’s unique attempt to get his attention and actually ended up calling her after the game. Unfortunately for her, Braun ended up getting a notification message saying that her voicemail box was full and he didn’t even get a chance to give his answer.

On a brighter note, Braun didn’t seem too disappointed. After all he did just sign a $105 million contract extension, and the female fan named “Robin” got her five minutes of fame.

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