Rules changing in San Diego skate parks

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Photo from 'awnisALAN' via Flikr

Photo from 'awnisALAN' via Flikr

Extreme sports enthusiasts inspired by recent X-Games event in L.A. will have to simmer down their daredevil tendencies due to new rules being implemented at city-owned skate parks around San Diego.

These pending rules consist of new safety regulations that will enforce skate park goers to wear protective gear such as helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads while skating. Stunt loving skateboarders won’t be allowed to bring in outside equipment or ramps to add their personal touches to the skate park course. The tentative regulations also ban scooters, bikes, and motorized vehicles from entering the skate park, a move that is sure to diminish the skate park population. The new rules also addressed age, determining that children 11 and under require adult supervision upon entering the skate park.

These new rules passed upon first reading by the City Council will not be implemented until a second reading has occurred. If the new regulations are approved at the second reading they will be put into place 30 days after the ruling. The five skate parks located at Stockton, Ocean Beach, Carmel Valley, Paradise Hills, and Rancho Penasquitos have all experienced hardships since the economic downturn. On site supervision was removed earlier this year due to budget costs, pushing the City Council to find other ways to enforce safety at skate parks.

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