Reports of UFO levitating above Santee ghost barn

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ufo1Something floating up in the sky was captured by Ellen Henry’s camera, just before it stopped working.

Henry is a researcher for the Santee Historical Society. She was shooting photos of the Edgemoor Barn as part of her work. She says she did not see or hear any aircraft anywhere in area while taking her pictures.

When her camera ceased operating, she went home and loaded the pictures into her computer.It was then she noticed something above and to the left of the barn. Zooming in, she saw she had photographed something, well, unidentified, flying above the barn.

Built in 1913, the Edgemoor Barn is Santee’s oldest building. It has been used as a barn, fire truck garage, supply warehouse, and now a museum.

The Santee Historical Society website reports, “Santee’s Old Edgemoor Hospital, was a place of healing, home, and inevitably last rites.  Many people died on this property, the exact number is not known. Even before the hospital and is buildings were demolished, accounts of the paranormal were reported.”

Sightings of ghosts are frequently reported to the society. So many, in fact, that paranormal investigators have often visited the sight. The UFO photos as well as ghostly sightings, which include video and sound records, can be seen at the Santee Historical Society’s website at: .

While the ghost barn is located within the flight paths of both public airport Gillespie Field and Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, no one at either facility offered any explanation for the object in the sky.ufo2

When asked, a spokesperson at Miramar stated that the photos were definitely not of either a Stealth Fighter Bomber, or a drone. The lack of wings, rudders, or propellers was cited as proof.

For now Ellen Henry believes whatever it was she captured, it may have more to do with the haunted aspects of the old barn, then extra-terrestrial craft.

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