Randy Moss Released From The Vikings

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On the Monday after the Minnesota Vikings lost 28-18 to the New England Patriots, Randy Moss, who is a pro-bowl caliber yet always controversial NFL player, was released by Minnesota. He will be put on waivers until another NFL team claims him. The order of who may claim Moss will be according to how poorly a team is doing. The big question is: Why would the Vikings cut Moss after giving up a 3rd round pick for him?

Randy Moss was recently traded from the New England Patriots to the Minnesota Vikings just a few weeks ago. Moss played four games with Minnesota and totaled 13 receptions for 174 yards along with 2 touchdowns. Production was not the reason Moss was released. The true reason for Moss’ sudden departure lies within his controversial personality. His demeanor in the team locker room as well as his arrogance during team meals ultimately led to the demise of Moss’ time in Minnesota.

After Moss’ recent loss to his former team, Moss decided to rant about how great being a Patriot and how good of a coach Bill Belichick was while questioning his current coach in Brad Childress’ decisions. He claimed that Childress did not heed Moss’ advice on how the Patriots would approach the Vikings and what to do in certain situations against the Patriots. Coach Childress obviously denies not taking Moss’ suggestions and said that he listened intently to what Moss said and coached accordingly. Moss, who was fined for $25,000 by the league for avoiding media interviews, also claimed that he will no longer be doing post-game interviews for the rest of the season.

Aside from the post-game interview, Moss also reportedly treated servers at a team meal horribly. He yelled and complained to the servers, which caused his Viking team mates to feel very uncomfortable as well as even causing his team mates to say that Moss deserved to be cut after the fiasco.

Moss has always been an outspoken and hot-headed individual. With this personality flaw in hand, it should be interesting to see what other NFL team is willing to put up with Moss. Some rumored teams have been the San Francisco 49ers, Washington Redskins, Kansas City Chiefs as well as the New England Patriots.

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